Monomers, Oligomers, Polymers, Composites and Nanocomposites Research: Synthesis, Properties and Applications


Monomers, Oligomers, Polymers, Composites and Nanocomposites Research: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
Edited By Richard A. Pethrick, G.E. Zaikov and J. Pielichowski



Preface ix
Chapter 1 Doing Business in China: From Theory to Practice 1
Antonio Ballada
Chapter 2 Preparation of Poly(Lactic Acid) and Pectin Composite Films
Intended for Application in Antimicrobial Packaging 27
L.S. Liu, V.L. Finkenstadt, C.-K. Liu, T. Jin, M.L. Fishman
and K.B. Hicks
Chapter 3 Pectin Composite Films 43
LinShu Liu, Marshall L. Fishman and Kevin B. Hicks
Chapter 4 Features of Mechanism of Free Radical Initiation in Polymers
under Exposure to Nitrogen Oxides 57
Е. Ya. Davydov, I. S. Gaponova, Т. V. Pokholok, G. B. Pariyskii
and G.Е. Zaikov
Chapter 5 A Novel Technique for Measurement of Electrospun Nanofiber 77
M. Ziabari, V. Mottaghitalab and A. K. Haghi
Chapter 6 A Study on the Effects of Recycled Glass, Silica Fume and Rice
Husk Ash on the Interfacial and Mechanical Properties of
Cementitious Composite 93
A.Sadrmomtazi and A.K. Haghi
Chapter 7 The Synthesis and Properties of Unsaturated Halogen -Containing
Poly (Arylene Ether Ketone)S 103
A.M. Kharayev, A.K. Mikitaev,
G.E. Zaikov and R.Ch. Bazheva
Chapter 8 The Ethanol Influence on Acrylic Acid Polymerization Kinetics and
Mechanism in Inverse Emulsions Stabilized by Lecithin 115
S.A. Apoyan, R.S. Harutynnyan, J.D. Grigoryan and
N.M. Beylerian
Chapter 9 Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Algorithm for Numerical
Fluid-Structure Interaction Studies in Porous Media – New Trends
and Achievements 121
N. Amanifard and A. K. Haghi
Chapter 10 Advances in Heat and Fluid Flow Computational Techniques with
Particular Reference to Microchannels as Porous Media 137
N. Amanifard and A. K. Haghi
Chapter 11 Image Analysis of Pore Size Distribution in Electrospun Nanofiber
Webs: New Trends and Developments 167
M. Ziabari, V. Mottaghitalab and A. K. Haghi
Chapter 12 Interpolymeric Associations between Alginic Acid and Poly (NIsopropylacrylamide),
Poly (Ethylene Glycol) and Polyacrylamide 185
Catalina Natalia Duncianu and Cornelia Vasile
Chapter 13 A Theoretical Approach for Prediction of Yarn Strength in Textile
Industry 209
A.Shams-Nateri and A.K.Haghi
Chapter 14 Technological Advances in Geotextiles 219
A.H. Tehrani and A. K. Haghi
Chapter 15 Some Aspects of Heat Flow During Drying of Porous Structures 231
A. K. Haghi
Chapter 16 “Glasscrete” Containing Polymer Aggregate and Polyamide Fibers 261
A. Sadrmomtazi and A. K. Haghi
Chapter 17 Electrospun Nanofibers and Image Analysis 275
M. Ziabari, V. Mottaghitalab and A. K. Haghi
Chapter 18 Industrial Drying of Wood: Technology Limitation and Future
Trends 291
A.K. Haghi and R. K. Haghi
Chapter 19 Development of Green Engineered Cementitious Composites 321
A. Sadrmomtazi and A. K. Haghi
Chapter 20 Physical Modification and New Methods in Technology of
Polymer Composites, Reinforced by Fibers 341
V.N. Stoudentsov
Chapter 21 Technological and Ecological Aspects of the Practical Application
of Quaternary Ammonium Salts in Russia in Production of
Synthetic Emulsion Rubbers 351
V.M. Misin and S.S. Nikulin
Chapter 22 Fibrous Materials – As the Technological Additive in Manufacture
of Butadien-Styrene Rubbers and Elastoplastics 361
S.S. Nikulin, I.N. Pugacheva, V.M. Misin and V.A. Sedyh
Chapter 23 Intensification of Process of Gas Cleaning in the Device with
Combined Separation Steps 381
R.R. Usmanova, G.E. Zaikov and V.G. Zaikov
Chapter 24 Research of Critical Modes of Operation of a Separator with
Swirler Various Construction 385
R.R. Usmanova, G.E. Zaikov and A.K. Panov
Chapter 25 Method of Calculation of Efficiency Dust Separation in New
Designs Dynamic Gas Washer 391
R.R. Usmanova, G.E. Zaikov and V.G. Zaikov
Chapter 26 The Bases of the Technological Maintenance of Polymeric
Implants’ Biocompatibility 397
N.I. Bazanova, L.S. Shibryaeva and G.E. Zaikov
Chapter 27 Stimuli-Responsive Drug Delivery System 401
Raluca Dumitriu, Cornelia Vasile, Geoffrey Mitchell and
Ana-Maria Oprea
Chapter 28 Novel Polymeric Carrier for Controlled Drug Delivery Systems
from Renewable Sources 411
Catalina Duncianu, Ana Maria Oprea and Cornelia Vasile
Chapter 29 Dissociative Attachment of Low-Energy Electrons (Below
Ionization or Electronic Excitation Thresholds) in Frozen Aqueous
Phosphate Solutions 421
O. S. Nedelina, O. N. Brzhevskaya, E.N. Degtyarev and
A.V. Zubkov
Chapter 30 Biodegradation of Composite Materials on Polymer Base in Soils 433
O.A. Legonkova
Chapter 31 Polymer-Colloid Complexes Based on Chitosan and Their
Computer Modeling 441
Y.P. Ioshchenko, V.F. Kablov and G.E. Zaikov
Index 449

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