Unexpected Cables – Feminine Knitted Garments Featuring Modern Cable Knitting PDF by Heather Zoppetti


Unexpected Cables – Feminine Knitted Garments Featuring Modern Cable Knitting
by Heather Zoppetti

Unexpected Cables - Feminine Knitted Garments Featuring Modern Cable Knitting

Introduction 4
Chapter 1: Refined 6
Leola Scarf 8
Working cables and twisted
stitches without a cable needle 13
Maytown Vest 14
Warwick Tam 22
Rheems Pullover 26
Rapho Socks 34
Cocalico Pullover 40
Chapter 2: Lace 48
Bainbridge Armwarmers 50
Conoy Tunic 54
Ronks Stole 60
Using multiple cable needles 63
Talmage Pullover 64
Safe Harbor Cowl 70
Stevens Vest 74
Making reversible cables 79
Chapter 3: Abstract 80
Drumore Socks 82
Kissel Hill Dolman 88
Making closed cables 92
Refton Cloche 94
Holtwood Vest 98
Fulton Shrug 106
Penryn Pullover 110
Sources for Yarn 120
Abbreviations 121
Glossary 122
Index 112

One of the things I love most about knitting is the endless opportunity for learning. There is always one more technique to explore, one more stitch to learn. Cable knitting, like lace, is both beautiful and somewhat magical. When many people think of cable knitting, the first images that come to mind are big, boxy fisherman sweaters. This is exactly NOT what you will find in Unexpected Cables. The goal of this book is to update the cable from heirloom to modern in unexpected ways. By using sleeker garment shapes, mixing cables with lace, and constructing garments and accessories in abstract ways, I hope to motivate the knitter to explore cable knitting in unexpected ways.

Cabling looks complicated, and new knitters are often intimidated to try this technique. Essentially, a cable is created by reordering a group of stitches before knitting or purling them in the normal way. This new arrangement causes the stitches to become crossed. This crossing can appear to travel or twist to the right or to the left depending on how the stitches are rearranged. By simply changing the order in which we work stitches across the row, we are able to create the magic called cabling.

Within these pages, knitters of all skill levels will find intriguing patterns to make and wear. Projects range from adventurous beginner to intermediate in difficulty. The projects in this book are divided into three chapters— Refined, Lace, and Abstract. Refined is the most traditional section. Projects in this chapter take the classic Aran and make it more modern by using lightweight yarns, delicate twisted stitches, and feminine shapes. The Lace chapter uses the unexpected pairing of cables and lace in delightful garments and accessories. Abstract focuses on unusual constructions, directions, and textures. Patterns in this chapter have a modern and edgy feel.

Chapter 1 refined
When thinking of cabled sweaters and accessories, the image that comes foremost to the mind is one of overly textured bulky fabric. In this chapter, I aim to relieve that image and replace it with one of simple sophistication—a refined Aran, something delicate and beautiful. Here you will find six patterns that all employ the humble cable in a refined way. Twisted stitches and lightweight yarn update the classic Aran to something more feminine.

Leola scarf
A long ruffle-edged scarf, Leola will look pretty wrapped around your neck or draped over your shoulders. The delicate short-row ruffle is worked simultaneously along the edge and adds just a touch of femininity. A trellis of twisted stitches in this soft silk blend will keep your neck warm all winter.

Maytown vest
This vest is a modern classic featuring a wide central cable with smaller flanking cables. Worked in the round from the bottom up, this lightweight vest is edged with ribbing for a timeless sporty look. The back and sides are left plain for ease of shaping.

warwick tam
This refined tam is both cozy and stylish. A bright orange color warms up the winter months. Worked in a supersoft cashmere blend and featuring tiny twisted cables, this hat is as fun to knit as it is to wear.

rheems pullover
A generous cowl neck tops this long-sleeve pullover. Knit in a yarn specifically formulated to regulate temperature, this sweater will keep you cool. A subtle allover cable pattern is delicate and feminine without being bulky. Worked from the bottom up, and featuring classic set-in sleeves, this sweater will become a wardrobe favorite that you reach for again and again.

rapho socks
Twisted stitches and delicate cable motifs add grace to your step with these knee socks. A carefully sculpted calf gusset adds room for ample calves with a twist. Worked from the top down, these socks start with an intriguing scalloped cuff and feature a traditional heel flap and wedge toe.

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