Absolute Beginner’s Guide Computer Basics, Windows 11 Edition, 10th Edition PDF by Michael Miller


Absolute Beginner’s Guide Computer Basics, Windows 11 Edition, Tenth Edition

By Michael Miller

Absolute Beginner’s Guide Computer Basics, Tenth Edition

Table of Contents:


I Understanding Computers

How Personal Computers Work

What Your Computer Can Do

Good for Getting Online

Good for Social Networking

Good for Communicating

Good for Sharing Photos and Home Movies

Good for Entertainment

Good for Keeping Informed

Good for Work

Good for Play

Inside a Personal Computer

The Motherboard: Home to Almost Everything

Microprocessors: The Main Engine

Computer Memory: Temporary Storage

Hard Disk Drives: Long-Term Storage

Solid-State Drives: Faster Long-Term Storage

Keyboards: Fingertip Input

Mice and Touchpads: Point-and-Click Input Devices

Network Connections: Getting Connected

Sound Cards and Speakers: Making Noise

Video Cards and Monitors: Getting the Picture

Other Parts of Your Computer System

Providing Additional Functionality with Peripherals

Doing What You Need to Do with Software and Apps

Making Everything Work—with Windows

Different Types of Computers

Traditional Desktop PCs

All-in-One Desktops

Laptop PCs

Tablet PCs

2-in-1 PCs

Which Type of PC Should You Choose?

Don’t Worry, You Can’t Screw It Up—Much

Setting Up and Using Different Types of Computers

Before You Get Started

Setting Up a Laptop or 2-in1 PC

Understanding the Elements of a Laptop PC

Getting Connected

Setting Up an All-in-One Desktop PC

Understanding the Parts of an All-in-One System

Getting Connected

Setting Up a Traditional Desktop PC

Understanding the Components of a Desktop System

Getting Connected

Turning It On—for the First Time

Getting the Right Order

Powering On

II Using Windows

Getting to Know Windows 11

Say Hello to Windows 11

Starting and Logging In to Windows

Exploring the Windows Desktop

Learning Basic Operations

Pointing and Clicking



Dragging and Dropping

Mouse Over

Moving and Resizing Windows

Maximizing, Minimizing, and Closing Windows

Snapping Windows into Position

Scrolling Through a Window

Peeking at the Desktop

Using the Start Menu

Navigating the Start Menu

Launching a Program

Using the Taskbar

Deciphering Taskbar Icons

Opening Applications and Switching Between Windows

Using Jump Lists

Managing Taskbar Buttons

Switching Between Programs

Adjusting Quick Settings

Viewing Notifications

Learning Important Windows Shortcuts

Using Windows with a Touchscreen Display

Shutting Down Windows—and Your Computer

Working with Files, Folders, and Online Storage

Understanding Files and Folders

Using File Explorer

Launching File Explorer

Exploring the File Explorer Window

Displaying File Contents and Details

Navigating the Folders on Your PC

Viewing Files and Folders

Changing the Way Files Display

Sorting Files and Folders

Grouping Files and Folders

Searching for Files

Performing Basic File and Folder Operations

Creating New Folders

Renaming Files and Folders

Copying Files

Moving (Cutting and Pasting) Files

Deleting Files

Working with the Recycle Bin

Restoring Deleted Files

Emptying the Recycle Bin

Working with Compressed Folders

Compressing a File

Extracting Files from a Compressed Folder

Copying Files to Another Computer

Copying Files over a Network

Copying Files with a Portable Drive

Copying Files via Email

Working with Cloud-Based Storage

Accessing OneDrive from File Explorer

Using Microsoft OneDrive

Syncing Files on Your PC to OneDrive

Personalizing Windows

Personalizing the Windows Desktop

Changing the Desktop Background

Changing to Light or Dark Mode

Changing the Accent Color

Choosing a Windows Theme

Customizing the Start Menu

Pinning Apps to the Taskbar

Customizing the Taskbar

Personalizing Widgets

Customizing the Widgets Panel

Adding a New Widget to the Widgets Panel

Customizing Your News Feed

Personalizing the Lock Screen

Changing the Lock Screen Background

Displaying a Slideshow on the Lock Screen

Changing Your Account Picture

Setting Up Additional User Accounts

Creating a New User Account

Switching Users

Signing Out

Signing In with Multiple Users

Configuring Other Windows Settings

III Setting Up the Rest of Your System

Connecting Printers and Other Devices to Your PC

Getting to Know the Most Popular Peripherals

Adding New Hardware to Your System

Understanding USB

Connecting via USB

Connecting and Using a Printer

Understanding Different Types of Printers

Connecting a Printer via USB

Connecting a Wireless Printer to Your Computer

Sharing a Network Printer

Printing to Your System’s Printer

Connecting Portable Devices to Your PC

Connecting Your PC to Your Living Room TV

Connecting via HDMI

Wirelessly Mirroring Your Computer Screen

Using Your PC with Your Mobile Phone

Linking Your Phone to Your Windows 11 PC

Texting and Calling from Your PC

Receiving Text Messages

Sending Text Messages

Making a Phone Call

Doing More with Your Phone and Your Windows PC

Sharing a Web Page from Your Phone to Your PC

Sharing a Web Page from Your PC to Your Phone

Viewing Photos from Your Phone on Your PC

Running Android Apps on Your PC

Adding Storage and Backup

Understanding External Storage

Connecting an External Drive

Backing Up Your Important Files

Backing Up to an External Drive

Backing Up Online

Setting Up a Home Network

How Networks Work

Wired Networks

Wireless Networks

Setting Up a Wireless Network in Your Home

How It Works

What You Need

Making the Connections

Connecting Your Computer to Your New Network

Connecting via Ethernet

Connecting Wirelessly

Accessing Computers on Your Network

IV Using the Internet

0 Connecting to the Internet—at Home and Away

Different Types of Home Internet

Understanding Internet Hardware

Connecting to a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

1 Browsing and Searching the Web

Understanding the Web

Using Microsoft Edge

Browsing the Web with Edge

Revisiting History

Opening Multiple Pages in Tabs

Saving Your Favorite Pages

Returning to a Favorite Page

Displaying the Favorites Bar

Displaying a Page with Immersive Reader

Browsing in Private

Setting a Different Start Page

Using Google Chrome

Searching the Web with Google

Using Google Search

Constructing a Query

Fine-Tuning Your Search Results

2 Buying and Selling Online

How to Shop Online

Step 1: Find an Online Store

Step 2: Find a Product

Step 3: Examine the Product (Virtually)

Step 4: Order the Product

Step 5: Check Out

Step 6: Confirm the Order

How to Shop Safely

Ordering Meal and Grocery Delivery Online

Ordering Meals Online

Ordering Groceries Online

Buying and Selling on Online Marketplaces




Facebook Marketplace


V Communicating Online

3 Sending and Receiving Email

How Email Works


Web-Based Email

Using the Windows Mail App

Navigating the Mail App

Adding Another Email Account

Reading and Replying to Messages

Viewing Attachments

Sending a New Message

Attaching a File

Using Web-Based Email

Using Outlook Online

Using Gmail

4 Video Chatting with Friends and Family

Video Chatting with Zoom

Getting to Know Zoom

Accepting a Meeting Invitation

Joining a Meeting Manually

Switching Views

Applying a Virtual Background

Leaving a Meeting

Starting a New Instant Meeting

Scheduling a Meeting in Advance

Starting and Ending a Meeting

Video Chatting with Microsoft Teams

Accepting a Meeting Invitation

Blurring Your Background

Launching a New Teams Meeting

5 Social Networking with Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media

Using Facebook

Signing Up with and Signing In to Facebook

Getting to Know Facebook

Searching for Friends

Viewing a Friend’s Profile Page

Posting Status Updates

Determine Who Can—or Can’t—See a Status Update

Viewing Friends’ Updates in Your Feed

Managing Your Privacy on Facebook

Using Twitter

Joining Twitter

Navigating Twitter

Tweeting with Twitter

Following Other Users

Customizing Your Profile

Using Pinterest

What Pinterest Is and What It Does

Navigating the Pinterest Site

Viewing Boards and Pins

Following Other Users

Repinning Existing Items

Pinning Items from the Web

Creating New Boards

Using LinkedIn

Personalizing Your Profile

Finding New Connections

Contacting Other LinkedIn Members

Using Social Networks—Smartly and Safely

Protecting Your Children

Protecting Yourself

VI Getting Productive

6 Installing and Using Desktop Applications

Finding and Installing New Apps

Downloading Apps from the Microsoft Store

Purchasing Apps from Your Local Retailer

Finding and Installing Apps Online

Understanding Web-Based Apps

Managing Your Apps

Finding Your Installed Apps

Pinning Apps to the Start Menu

Pinning Apps to the Taskbar

Adding App Shortcuts to the Desktop

Working with Applications

Using Toolbars and Ribbons

Using Menus

Closing an Open App

7 Doing Office Work

Getting to Know Microsoft Office

Using Office on the Desktop

Using Office on the Web

Which Version of Office Should You Use?

Word Processing with Microsoft Word

Exploring the Word Workspace

Working with Documents

Entering Text

Editing Text

Formatting Text

Checking Spelling and Grammar

Printing Your Document

Number Crunching with Microsoft Excel

Exploring the Excel Workspace

Entering Data

Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns

Adjusting Column Width

Calculating with Formulas

Including Other Cells in a Formula

Quick Addition with AutoSum

Using Functions

Formatting Your Spreadsheet

Creating a Chart

Giving Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint

Exploring the PowerPoint Workspace

Applying a Theme

Inserting New Slides

Adding and Formatting Text

Start the Show!

Exploring Google Docs

Using Google Docs Word Processor

Using Google Sheets Spreadsheet

Using Google Slides Presentations

Using the Windows Calendar App

Displaying Different Views

Creating a New Event

8 Working with Digital Photos

Transferring Pictures from Your Camera, Smartphone, or Tablet

Downloading from the Internet

Transferring Photos from a Smartphone or Tablet via USB

Transferring Pictures from a Digital Camera via USB

Transferring Pictures from a Memory Card

Scanning a Picture

Viewing Your Photos with the Windows Photos App

Editing Your Photos with the Photos App

Opening Editing Mode

Cropping or Rotating a Photo

Applying Filters

Adjusting Brightness

Adjusting Color

Printing and Sharing Your Photos

Choosing the Right Printer and Paper

Making the Print

Printing Photos Professionally

Sharing Your Photos

VII Exploring Online Entertainment

9 Watching Movies and TV Shows Online

Watching Streaming Video Services

Watching Amazon Prime Video

Watching Apple TV+

Watching Discovery+

Watching Disney+

Watching HBO Max

Watching Hulu

Watching Netflix

Watching Paramount+

Watching Peacock

Watching Other Streaming Video Services

Watching Live TV Online

Buying and Renting Movies Online

Watching Videos on YouTube

0 Listening to Music and Podcasts Online

Listening to Streaming Music Online

Listening to Pandora

Listening to Spotify

Listening to Other Streaming Music Services

Listening to Traditional Radio Stations Online

Purchasing and Downloading Digital Music

Examining Online Music Stores

Playing Downloaded Music on Your PC

Listening to Podcasts Online

VIII Keeping Your System Up and Running

1 Protecting Your PC from Computer Attacks, Malware, Spam, and More

Safeguarding Your System from Computer Viruses

Watching for Signs of Infection

Catching a Virus

Practicing Safe Computing

Disinfecting Your System with Antivirus Software

Hunting Down Spyware

Fighting Email Spam

Protecting Your Email Address

Blocking Spammers in Your Email Programs

Resisting Phishing Scams

Shielding Your Children from Inappropriate Content

Using Content-Filtering Software

Encouraging Safe Computing

2 Performing Preventive Maintenance and Dealing with Common


Maintaining Your Computer

Cleaning Up Unused Files

Removing Unused Programs

Optimizing Your Disk Storage

Updating Windows

Keeping Your Hardware in Tip-Top Condition

System Unit




Maintaining a Laptop PC

Using the Windows Mobility Center

Conserving Battery Life

Securing Your Laptop

Troubleshooting Computer Problems

Troubleshooting in Safe Mode

Reacting When Windows Freezes or Crashes

What Causes Windows to Freeze?

Dealing with Frozen Windows

Dealing with a Frozen Program

Dealing with a Major Crash

Refreshing or Resetting Your System

Refreshing System Files

Resetting Your System to Its Original Condition


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