Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings, 10th Edition PDF by By Marianne M Jennings


Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings, Tenth Edition

By Marianne M Jennings

Business Ethics Case Studies and Selected Readings, 10th Edition


Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xxvii

Unit 1 Ethical Theory, Philosophical Foundations, Our Reasoning Flaws,

Types of Ethical Dilemmas, and You

Section A

Understanding Ourselves and Ethical Lapses 3

Reading 1.1 You, That First Step, the Slippery Slope, and a Credo 3

Reading 1.2 What Did You Do in the Past Year That Bothered You? How That Question

Can Change Lives and Cultures 10

Section B

Ethical Theory and Philosophical Foundations 14

Reading 1.3 What Are Ethics? From Line-Cutting to Kant 14

Section C

The Types of Ethical Dilemmas 23

Reading 1.4 The Types of Ethical Dilemmas: From Truth to Honesty to Conflicts 23

Section D

Our Reasoning Flaws 33

Reading 1.5 On Rationalizing and Labeling: The Things We Do That Make Us

Uncomfortable, but We Do Them Anyway 33

Case 1.6 “They Made Me Do It”: Following Orders and Legalities: Volkswagen

and the Fake Emissions Tests 43

Reading 1.7 The University of North Carolina: How Do I Know When an Ethical

Reading 1.10 A State of the Union on Cheating: Recognizing the Types and Scope

of Cheating—Plagiarism 59

Case 1.11 The Little Teacher Who Could: Piper, Kansas, and Term Papers 60

Reading 1.12 A State of the Union on Cheating: Academic Data and Examples 62

Case 1.13 Dad, the Actuary, and the Stats Class 64

Case 1.14 Cheating: Culture of Excellence 65

Reading 1.15 A State of the Union on Cheating: Puffing on Your Résumé and Job

Application and in Your Job Interviews 66

Reading 1.16 Résumés and the Ethics of Using Analytics 71

Case 1.17 Moving from School to Life: Do Cheaters Prosper? 75

Case 1.18 Cheating in Real Life: Wi-Fi Piggybacking and the Tragedy

of the Commons 75

Case 1.19 Cheating in the Carpool Lane: Define Car Pool 76

Case 1.20 Cheating in Real Life: The Pack of Gum 76

Case 1.21 Mylan and Its CEO’s Ethical Standards: Does Academic

Cheating Matter in Real Life? 76

Unit 2 Solving Ethical Dilemmas in Business

Section A

Business, Ethics, and Individuals: How Do They Work Together? 84

Reading 2.1 The Layers of Ethical Issues and the Ethical Mind 84

Reading 2.2 What’s Different About Business Ethics? 88

Reading 2.3 The Ethics of Responsibility 90

Reading 2.4 Is Business Bluffing Ethical? 91

Section B

What Gets in the Way of Ethical Decisions in Business? 101

Reading 2.5 How Leaders Lose Their Way: The Bathsheba Syndrome

and What Price Hubris? 101

Reading 2.6 Moral Relativism and the Either/or Conundrum 104

Reading 2.7 P = f (x) The Probability of an Ethical Outcome Is a Function

of the Amount of Money Involved: Pressure 105

Case 2.8 BP and the Deepwater Horizon Explosion: Safety First 106

Lapse Begins? 45

Section E

Analyzing and Resolving Ethical Dilemmas 48

Reading 1.8 Some Simple Tests for Resolving Ethical Dilemmas 48

Reading 1.9 Some Steps for Analyzing Ethical Dilemmas 58

Section C

Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Business 120

Reading 2.9 Framing Issues Carefully: A Structured Approach for Solving Ethical

Dilemmas and Trying Out Your Ethical Skills on an Example 120

Case 2.10 Penn State: Framing Ethical Issues 121

Case 2.11 How About Those Astros? 135

Case 2.12 Boeing: Decades of Major Ethical Setbacks from Lockheed

Document Heists to the 737 MAX 137

Unit 3 Business, Stakeholders, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability

Section A

Business and Society: The Tough Issues of Economics, Social Responsibility,

Stakeholders, and Business 153

Reading 3.1 The History and Components of Social Responsibility 153

Case 3.2 Uber and Its Regulatory Cycles 166

Case 3.3 The NFL, Colin Kaepernick, and Taking a Knee 167

Reading 3.4 Components of Social Responsibility: Stakeholder Theory 169

Reading 3.5 Measuring Social Responsibility 174

Reading 3.6 The Lack of Virtue/Aristotelian Standards in CSR/ESG

Evaluations and Surveys 179

Reading 3.7 Business with a Soul: A Reexamination of What Counts in Business Ethics 181

Reading 3.8 Appeasing Stakeholders with Public Relations 183

Reading 3.9 Conscious Capitalism: Creating a New Paradigm for Business 186

Reading 3.10 Marjorie Kelly and the Divine Right of Capital 187

Section B

Applying Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Theory 189

Case 3.11 Fannie, Freddie, Wall Street, Main Street, and the Subprime Mortgage

Market: of Moral Hazards 189

Case 3.12 Pharmaceuticals: A Tale of 4,834% Price Increases and Regulatory Cycles 201

Case 3.13 The Social, Political, Economic, and Emotional Issue of the Minimum Wage 208

Case 3.14 Ice-T, the Body Count Album, and Shareholder Uprisings 211

Case 3.15 Cancel Culture 214

Case 3.16 Ashley Madison: The Affair Website 216

Section C

Social Responsibility and Sustainability 218

Case 3.17 Biofuels and Food Shortages in Guatemala 218

Case 3.18 Herman Miller and Its Rain Forest Chairs 219

Case 3.19 The Nonsustainability of the EV/Alt-Fuel and Troubled Truck Industry 223

Section D

Government as a Stakeholder 227

Case 3.20 The Government Mattresses at the Border 227

Case 3.21 Public Policy and COVID-19 in Nursing Homes 228

Unit 4 Ethics and Company Culture

Section A

Temptation at Work for Individual Gain and That Credo 231

Reading 4.1 The Moving Line 231

Reading 4.2 Not All Employees Are Equal When It Comes to Ethical Development 232

Case 4.3 Bob Baffert: The Winningest Horse Trainer in History 236

Section B

The Organizational Behavior Factors 240

Reading 4.4 The Preparation for a Defining Ethical Moment 240

Case 4.5 Swiping Oreos at Work: Is It a Big Deal? 242

Reading 4.6 The Effects of Compensation Systems: Incentives, Bonuses,

Pay, and Ethics 243

Reading 4.7 Measures, Metrics, and Gaming—Part A 247

Case 4.8 VA: The Patient Queues 248

Case 4.9 The Atlanta Public School System: High Test Scores,

Low Knowledge Levels 253

Case 4.10 The Wells Way 257

Reading 4.11 Measures, Metrics, and Gaming—Part B 266

Section C

Accounting and Governance Factors 271

Reading 4.12 A Primer on Accounting Issues and Ethics and Earnings Management 271

Reading 4.13 Prevention Tools for the Layers of Ethical Issues: Individual,

Organization, Industry, and Society 283

Case 4.14 FINOVA and the Loan Write-Off 292

Case 4.15 Organizational Pressures in the Academy: Those Rankings 296

Case 4.16 Organizational Pressures in the Academy and Parental Pressure Outside:

Operation Varsity Blues 299

Section D

The Structural Factors: Governance, Example, and Leadership 305

Reading 4.17 The Things Leaders Do, Unwittingly, and Otherwise, That Harm Ethical Culture 305

Reading 4.18 Re: A Primer on Sarbanes–Oxley and Dodd–Frank 312

Case 4.19 Accountants and PCAOB: How Are They Doing? 316

Case 4.20 WorldCom: The Little Company That Couldn’t After All 319

Case 4.21 The Upper West Branch Mining Disaster, the CEO, and the Faxed

Production Reports 335

Section E

The Industry Practices and Legal Factors 340

Reading 4.22 The Subprime Saga: Bear Stearns, Lehman, Merrill, and CDOs 340

Case 4.23 Enron: The CFO, Conflicts, and Cooking the Books with Natural

Gas and Electricity 348

Case 4.24 Arthur Andersen: A Fallen Giant 360

Section F

The Fear-and-Silence Factors 366

Case 4.25 HealthSouth: The Scrushy Way 366

Case 4.26 Dennis Kozlowski: Tyco and the $6,000 Shower Curtain 373

Reading 4.27 A Primer on Speaking Up and Whistleblowing 383

Case 4.28 NASA and the Space Shuttle Booster Rockets 387

Section G

The Culture of Goodness 390

Case 4.29 New Era: If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Is Too Good to Be True 390

Case 4.30 Giving and Spending the United Way 393

Case 4.31 The Baptist Foundation: Funds of the Faithful 395

Unit 5 Ethics and Contracts

Section A

Contract Negotiations: All Is Fair and Conflicting Interests 399

Case 5.1 Johnny Depp and His Lawyer’s $30 Million in Percentage Earnings 399

Case 5.2 The Governor and His Wife: Product Endorsement and a Rolex 400

Case 5.3 Descriptive Honesty and Social Media Hype: An 11-Inch Subway

  1. a Footlong Subway and Tuna vs. Tuna 410

Case 5.4 Sears, High-Cost Auto Repairs, and Its Ethical and Financial Collapse 412

Case 5.5 Kardashian Tweets: Regulated Ads or Fun? 417

Case 5.6 Political Misrepresentation: When Is It a Lie? 418

Section B

Promises, Performance, and Reality 419

Case 5.7 The Ethics of Walking Away and No Eviction During Pandemics 419

Case 5.8 Pension Promises, Payments, and Bankruptcy: Companies, Cities, Towns,

and States 421

Case 5.9 “I Only Used It Once”: Returning Goods 426

Case 5.10 When Corporations Pull Promises Made to Government 427

Case 5.11 Intel and the Chips: When You Have Made a Mistake 428

Case 5.12 GoFundME!!! 432

Case 5.13 Scarlett Johansson and Disney: Payments for Black Widow 433

Unit 6 Ethics in International Business

Section A

Conflicts Between the Corporation’s Ethics and Business Practices in Foreign Countries 437

Reading 6.1 Why an International Code of Ethics Would Be Good for Business 437

Case 6.2 The Tennis Player with COVID Visa Problems 444

Case 6.3 The Former Soviet Union: A Study of Three Companies and

Values in Conflict 446

Reading 6.4 International Production: Risks, Benefits, and That Supply Chain 448

Case 6.5 Bhopal: When Safety Standards Differ 456

Case 6.6 Product Dumping 457

Case 6.7 Nestlé: Products That Don’t Fit Cultures 458

Case 6.8 Doing Business in China: The NBA and Ethical Minefields 461

Section B

Bribes, Grease Payments, and “When in Rome. . . .” 465

Reading 6.9 A Primer on the FCPA 465

Case 6.10 FIFA: The Kick of Bribery 469

Case 6.11 Siemens and Bribery, Everywhere 473

Case 6.12 Walmart in Mexico 475

Case 6.13 GlaxoSmithKline in China 478

Unit 7 Ethics, Business Operations, and Rights

Section A

Workplace Safety 481

Reading 7.1 Using Two Sets of Books for One Set of Data 481

Case 7.2 Cintas and the Production Line 484

Case 7.3 Theranos: The Lab That Wasn’t Safe or Real and Fake the Numbers

Until You Make It 485

Section B

Workplace Loyalty 489

Case 7.4 Aaron Feuerstein and Malden Mills 489

Case 7.5 JCPenney and Its Wealthy Buyer 491

Case 7.6 The Trading Desk, Perks, and “Dwarf Tossing” 492

Case 7.7 The Analyst Who Needed a Preschool 494

Case 7.8 Nissan and Carlos Ghosn: Corporate Resources vs. Personal Spending 496

Case 7.9 Kodak, the Appraiser, and the Assessor: Lots of Backscratching on Valuation 499

Section C

Workplace Diversity and Atmosphere 501

Case 7.10 English-Only Workplaces 501

Case 7.11 Ban-the-Box and Fair Chance: Do You Have Any Criminal Convictions? 503

Case 7.12 The NFL and Its Rooney Diversity Rule: Coach Flores and the Mix-Up on Texts 504

Case 7.13 On-the-Job Fetal Injuries 505

Case 7.14 Political Views in the Workplace 507

Case 7.15 Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Employer Tracking 509

Section D

Tough Issues and Confrontation in the Workplace 512

Reading 7.16 The Ethics of Confrontation 512

Case 7.17 Office Romances and Me Too: McDonald’s et al. 516

Case 7.18 Examples of Other Organizations with Atmospheres of Harassment 518

Reading 7.19 Creating a Culture Free From Sexual Pressures, Harassment,

and Favoritism: Codes, Policies, Investigations, and Confrontation 520

Reading 7.20 The Ethics of Performance Evaluations 522

Case 7.21 Ann Hopkins and Price Waterhouse 524

Case 7.22 The Glowing Recommendation 529

Unit 8 Ethics and Products

Section A

Advertising Content 533

Case 8.1 Elon Musk and Puffing 533

Case 8.2 Burger King and the Impossible Vegan Burger 536

Case 8.3 About Returning That Rental Car and the Gas Tank: Contract Terms 537

Section B

Product Safety 538

Reading 8.4 A Primer on Product Liability 538

Case 8.5 Peanut Corporation of America: Salmonella and Indicted Leaders 541

Case 8.6 Tylenol: The Product Safety Issues 543

Case 8.7 Ford, GM, and Chrysler: The Repeating Design and Sales Issues 548

Case 8.8 The Beginning of Liability: Games, Fitness, Fun, and Injuries 556

Case 8.9 E. Coli, Jack-in-the-Box, and Cooking Temperatures 558

Case 8.10 PGE: Electricity, Fires, and Liability 559

Section C

Product Sales 562

Case 8.11 Chase: Selling Your Own Products for Higher Commissions 562

Case 8.12 The Mess at Marsh McLennan 563

Case 8.13 The Opioid Pandemic 565

Case 8.14 Frozen Coke and Burger King and the Richmond Rigging 570

Case 8.15 Adidas and the Intercollegiate Bribery Problems 573

Case 8.16 Beech-Nut and the No-Apple-Juice Apple Juice 575

Unit 9 Ethics and Competition

Section A

Covenants Not to Compete 581

Reading 9.1 A Primer on Covenants Not to Compete: Are They Valid? 581

Case 9.2 Sabotaging Your Employer’s Information Lists before You Leave

to Work for a Competitor 583

Case 9.3 The Hallmark Channel and Countdown to Christmas 584

Case 9.4 Bimbo Bakery and the Nooks & Crannies 584

Case 9.5 Starwood, Hilton, and the Suspiciously Similar New Hotel Designs 586

Section B

All’s Fair, or Is It? 589

Reading 9.6 Adam Smith: An Excerpt from the Theory of Moral Sentiments 589

Case 9.7 The Battle of the Guardrail Manufacturers 590

Case 9.8 Bad-Mouthing the Competition: Where’s the Line? 594

Case 9.9 Online Pricing Differentials and Customer Questions 594

Case 9.10 Brighton Collectibles: Terminating Distributors for Discounting Prices 595

Case 9.11 Park City Mountain: When a Competitor Forgets 596

Case 9.12 Electronic Books and the Apple versus Amazon War 596

Case 9.13 Martha vs. Macy’s and JCPenney 598

Case 9.14 Mattel and the Bratz Doll 599

Section C

Intellectual Property and Ethics 602

Case 9.15 Louis Vuitton and The Hangover 602

Case 9.16 Forcing Farmers to the Dealerships: That Right to Repair Goes Public 603

Case 9.17 Tiffany vs. Costco 604

The Ethical Common Denominator (ECD) Index: The Common Threads of Business Ethics 607

Alphabetical Index 617

Business Discipline Index 621

Product/Company/Individuals Index 627

Topic Index 657

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