Smart and Functional Textiles PDF by Bapan Adak and Samrat Mukhopadhyay


Smart and Functional Textiles

By Bapan Adak and Samrat Mukhopadhyay

Smart and Functional Textiles


Preface V

List of authors XI

Sagnik Ghosh, Bapan Adak, Samrat Mukhopadhyay

1 Introduction to functional, smart, and intelligent textiles:

perspectives and potential applications 1

Wazed Ali, Swagata Banerjee, Mandira Mondal

2 Nanotechnology in textile finishing: an approach towards imparting

manifold functionalities 63

Lelona Pradhan, Saptarshi Maiti, Aranya Mallick, Mohammad Shahid,

Sandeep P. More, Ravindra V. Adivarekar

3 Coating- and lamination-based smart textiles: techniques,

features, and challenges 97

Subhankar Maity, Kunal Singha, Pintu Pandit

4 Speciality coatings and laminations on textiles 151

Jagadeshvaran P. L., Sampath Parasuram, Suryasarathi Bose

5 Polymer-based nanocomposites for smart and functional textiles 183

Subhankar Maity, Kunal Singha, Pintu Pandit

6 Emerging trends in electroconductive textiles 221

Arobindo Chatterjee and Vinit Kumar Jain

7 Graphene-based functional textile materials 267

Md Omar Faruk, Md Milon Hossain

8 Smart and functional textiles for personal thermal comfort 329

Santanu Basak, Animesh Laha

9 Stimuli-responsive smart and functional textiles 355

Unsanhame Mawkhlieng, Abhijit Majumdar

10 Protective smart and functional textiles 375

Sudipta Mondal, Bapan Adak, Samrat Mukhopadhyay

11 Functional and smart textiles for military and defence applications 397

Akanksha Pragya, Kony Chatterjee, Tushar K. Ghosh

12 Sensors and actuators for textiles: from materials to applications 469


13 Medical textiles: materials, applications, features, and recent

advancements 533

Chetna Verma, Manali Somani, Ankita Sharma, Pratibha Singh, Surabhi Singh,

Shamayita Patra, Mukesh Kumar Singh, Samrat Mukhopadhyay, Bhuvanesh Gupta

14 Design and development of chitosan-based textiles for biomedical applications 591

Anupam Chowdhury, Srijan Das, Wazed Ali

15 Smart textiles for energy harvesting applications 607

Ajay K. Maddineni and Dipayan Das

16 Fibrous materials for automotive applications 635

Bapan Adak, Samrat Mukhopadhyay, Shanmugam Kumar

17 Smart/functional textiles and fashion products enabled by 3D and 4D printing 683

Andrew J. Hebden, Parikshit Goswami

18 Functional and smart textiles in care, treatment, and diagnosis

of COVID-19 721

Index 751

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