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Home Furnishing
By Dr. V. Ramesh Babu and S. Sundaresan

Home Furnishing


Preface ix
1 Introduction to home textiles 1
1.1 History 1
1.2 Definition 2
1.3 Classification of home textiles 3
1.4 Home textile production in India 5
1.5 SWOT analysis of home textiles industry 8
1.6 Home textile industry and its further prospects 10
1.7 Recent developments in home textiles 15
References 19
2 Furnishings 20
2.1 Furnishings – Introduction 20
2.2 Living room furnishing – Introduction 23
2.3 Dining room furnishings 30
2.4 Kitchen furnishings 33
2.5 Bathroom furnishings – Introduction 37
2.6 Types of furnishings used for different interiors 42
2.7 Factors influencing in the selection of home furnishings for different interiors 45
2.8 Interior lightings and colorpsychology 47
References 63
3 Floor coverings 64
3.1 Introduction 64
3.2 Soft floor coverings 64
3.3 Resilient flooring 81
3.4 Hardwood flooring 90
3.5 Finishes 92
3.6 Floor comparisons and maintenance 96
References 102
4 Curtains and draperies 103
4.1 Different types of doors 103
4.2 Hardware used in a door 109
4.3 Windows 111
4.4 Different types of windows 112
4.5 Hardware used in windows 117
4.6 Window treatments 117
4.7 Window treatment tips 119
4.8 Curtains and draperies 123
References 140
5 Living room furnishings 141
5.1 Sofa covers 141
5.2 Cushion 143
5.3 BOLSTER – Introduction and its origin 147
5.4 Types of bolster pillows 151
5.5 Bolster covers 153
5.6 Throws 153
5.7 Upholsteries 155
5.8 Label 156
References 162
6 B ed linen 163
6.1 Bed linens 163
6.2 Pillow covers 164
6.3 Duvets 165
6.4 Bed sheets 166
6.5 Shams 171
6.6 Comforters 172
6.7 Bed skirts 177
6.8 Blankets 178
6.9 Bedspreads 182
6.10 Mattress construction 185
References 193
7 Other linens-bath, hotel, hospital and kitchen 194
7.1 Bath linens 194
7.2 Hotel linens 197
7.3 Hospital linens 199
7.4 Kitchen linen 201
References 207
Index 208

This book focuses on the Home Textiles markets and its products such as furnishings, floor coverings, carpets, curtains & draperies, living room furnishings, bed linens, kitchen linens, hospital linens, towels etc. The latest developments and future prospectus in Home Textile industry are discussed. The book is aimed at industry professionals, domestic and international retailers, factory owners, buying institutions, and students intended to start their career in home textile sector.

India, a leading global player in the home textile space, is poised tostrengthen its position with an over three fold jump expected in exports by 2020. Experts said the industry is expanding rapidly, with investments in home textiles in the next two years expected to reach $1 billion. Exports in this segment are also counted on to grow at the rate of 25% per year.The domestic market looks appealing too. “Demand for housing has increased the home textile market four fold. With hygiene, fashion and coordination on the upswing, the requirement of home textiles will concurrently increase”. The above promising statements made us to write a book on Home Furnishing whereas so far limited evidence of literature has been found, hence the detailed book on above will give a in depth knowledge of Home Textile Industry.

During writing this book we came across through the variety of home textile products and their end uses are still not explored. Huge market potential both in export as well as domestic are to be tapped. These products manufacturing are less complicated and yield high profit with value addition. Hence this book describes various home textile products in detail so that the readers can gain knowledge on such products and think about product diversification, value addition to cater the market needs by research and starting new enterprise.

We authors take this opportunity to acknowledge the people who have helped us writing the book. We would like to thank Mr. S. Dheenadayalan and Mr. R.Vijaya Prabhu final year students of B.Tech Textile Technology, Kumaraguru College of Technology for their effort in compiling this book. We express our sincere gratitude to Management, Principal and the Head of Textile Technology, Kumaraguru College of Technology for providing us support and motivation in writing this book. Our special thanks to Mr. K. Mani, Assistant Professor, Sona College of Technology, Department of Fashion Technology, Salem and Dr. T. Palanirajan, Professor, Vellore Institute of Technology, Department of Fashion Technology, Chennai for their valuable inputs and guidance in making of this book. We would like to acknowledge the support rendered by our family members for encouraging us to do this kind of activities. Last but not least, we thank almighty who chosen us as instrument to bring out this book successfully.

Dr. V. Ramesh Babu
S. Sunderesan

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