The Fundamentals of Fashion Design


The Fundamentals of Fashion Design
by Richard Sorger & Jenny Udale

The Fundamentals of Fashion Design



06 How to get the most out of this book
08 Introduction


12 Are you fashionable?
14 Know your subject
16 Starting your research
18 Choosing a concept
20 Sources of research
22 The research book
26 Mood-, theme- and storyboards
28 Designing
30 Ideal bodies
34 Silhouette
40 Proportion and line
42 God is in the details
44 Fabric, colour and texture
48 Rendering your ideas
54 Portfolios

58 Fabric
60 Natural fibres
64 Man-made fibres
66 Synthetic fibres
68 Developments in fabric
69 Yarn production
70 Fabric construction
78 Surface treatments
86 Fabric and yarn trade shows

90 Tools and machinery
94 Construction techniques
104 Draping on the mannequin

110 Who are you designing for?
116 Genre
118 Types of garment
126 Putting together a collection
130 Showing a collection
137 Promoting a collection
138 Branding

146 Marios Schwab
148 Meadham & Kirchhoff
150 Boudicca
151 Jamie O’Hare
152 Winni Lok
154 Michele Manz
155 Yeda Yun
156 Caroline Weller
157 Nancy Stannard
158 Alistair Scott
159 Kay Barron
160 Richard Gray
162 Grace Woodward
164 Ruud Van Der Peijl
165 Internships
166 Conclusion
168 Bibliography and Further Resources
170 Credits
172 Index
176 Acknowledgements
177 Working with ethics

How to get the most out of this book?
The Fundamentals of Fashion Design is intended to be a solid foundation for those who work, develop and study within fashion. Through guidance, photography and illustration, key areas of fashion development are covered, such as, how to generate ideas, develop and promote collections. This book offers a unique resource and insight into the practical, philosophical and professional world of fashion design.
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