Weaving: Conversion of Yarn to Fabric


Weaving: Conversion of Yarn to Fabric
by M. H. Mohamed and Peter R. Lord


This book has been written for students of all levels and for all who are engaged in the production of woven fabrics. It covers all important aspects of the conversion of yams into fabrics, including not only weaving itself but also winding and preparation, loom design, noise, loom developments, fabric properties and design, the interaction between yarns and fabric, management and cost optimization. Care has been taken to expose terms which may be new to the student, and these terms are defined in a glossary which is linked with an index to the text and to a list of literature references. The index is designed to provide the reader with a means of following up any topic which he wishes to study in greater depth.

Grateful acknowledgements are given to our colleagues in the School of Textiles, North Carolina State University, and, in particular, to Mrs. E. Ragland for her secretarial work and Mr. J. Baker for his library research.


Second Edition
The book has been revised to express the examples in metric units as well as Imperial units. The opportunity has been taken to rewrite some sections to include newer information and to broaden the coverage.



An Historical Introduction to Weaving 1
A Technical Introduction to Weaving 17
An Introduction to Weaving Preparation 32
Winding 61
Warping 85
Drawing-in and Tying-in 127
The Fundamentals of Fabric Structure 134
Woven Fabric Design 157
The Simple Shuttle Loom 178
Shedding and Beating 191
Shuttle Picking and Checking 219
Automation and Controls 236
Power, Energy and Vibration 263
Shuttleless Weaving Systems 289
More on Shuttleless Looms 312
Weaving Room Management 326
Slashing (Warp Sizing) 99
Appendix I: Glossary and Index 343
Appendix I I: References 378
Appendix I I I : Determination of Yam Length in a Crimped State 392
Appendix IV: Units and Conversion Factors 394

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