Functional Dyes Edited by Sung-Hoon Kim


Functional Dyes
Edited by Sung-Hoon Kim

Functional Dyes

Table of Contents

Recent Progress in Phthalocyanine Chemistry: Synthesis and Characterization (N.Kobayashi, T. Fukuda).
Cyanine Dyes for Solar Cells and Optical Data Storage (H. Tian, F. Meng).
Photochromic Naphthopyrans (J.D. Hepworth, B.M. Heron).
Cyanine Dyes as Fluorescent Non-covalent Labels for Nucleic Acid Research (T. Deligeorgiev, A. Vasilev).
Functional Dyes For Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Sensing System (S.H. Kim, K. Koh).
Synthesis and Application of Squarylium Dyes (S. Yagi, H. Nakazumi).
Fluorine-containing Dyes (M. Matsui).

For a long time, organic dyes from our surroundings have been used to impart coloration effects to textiles and polymer substrates. These colored materials greatly influence our emotions and aesthetic satisfactions. Traditionally, organic dyes have been used for coloration, especially of textiles, by means of dyeing technology. However, nowadays, organic colorants have become increasingly important for high-technology applications in new fields such as electronic materials, devices, reprographics, and so on. These organic materials are called functional dyes.

There are a great number of books concerning dyes and pigments and they deal with a variety of subjects such as its synthesis, property, application, and analysis. However, few books have been written on functional dyes with respect to recent interesting research trends. For that reason, this book is considered to be necessary for the readers engaged in university, research institute, and industry so as to improve their fundamental knowledge and have wider appreciation for functional dyes. In addition, this book is to provide information on the latest developments and future directions in the functional dye chemistry. In general, dyes showing brilliant and beautiful colors with higher fastness properties are of great demand because of their suitability for various end-uses. Various numbers of chromophore have been investigated to achieve satisfactory characteristics in terms of functional applications and specialized uses. In this context, the special effects of organic colorants have been reevaluated and employed in the new areas of information-recording materials, information-display media, or optoelectronic devices. These dyes can also be applied to organic photoconductors, solar-energy utilizations, sensitizers, biomedical probe, photocatalysts, and so on. These new trends of dye chemistry have been recently developed and these classes of dyes are of significant importance in high-technology industries.

This book addresses various knowledge and information about functional dyes. It reviews recent advances on synthesis and characteristics of the functional dyes and their applications in high-technology uses. Furthermore, it provides a broad and interesting introduction to the science and technology of the applications of functional dyes. It will be a valuable information source for readers in that this book was peer-reviewed and written by special dye chemists around the world. The first chapter of the book deals with the recent progress in phthalocyanine chemistry. The second chapter covers the structure and properties of cyanine dyes for solar cells and optical data storage. The third chapter presents the synthesis and characterization of photochromic naphthopyrans, and Chapter 4 deals with the synthesis and appUcation of cyanine dyes as fluorescent non-covalent labels for nucleic acid research. Chapter 5 covers the surface plasmon resonance- based sensing system using functional dyes. In Chapter 6, the synthesis and application of squarylium dyes is described. The structures and physical properties of fluorine-containing dye are included in Chapter 7.

Thus, the main intention in preparing this book is to provide a fundamental understanding and an overview of the theories of dye chemistry for color chemists, organic chemists, and material scientists. It is hoped that it will also be useful for postgraduate students in chemistry and material science.

It is a pleasure to gratefully acknowledge the contributors of each chapter and their great enthusiasm in spite of their very busy schedules.

S.H. Kim

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