Silk, Protective Clothing and Eco-Textiles PDF by Lun Bai and Guo-Qiang Chen


Silk, Protective Clothing and Eco-Textiles
Edited by Lun Bai and Guo-Qiang Chen

Silk, Protective Clothing and Eco-Textiles_ Selected

Silk has a long history and profound cultures. The world culture, science and technology, as well as trade and economic are linked closely by a long “silk”. It has an important influence on the world civilization, social development and technological progress. The modern science and technology has injected new vitality into the traditional silk. Meanwhile, the economic globalization has promoted the academic communication and collaborative development of the international textiles and silk industry.

On the basis of the successful seven international silk conferences, the 8th China International Silk Conference (ISC 2013) will be held in Soochow University (Suzhou, China) on September 8-10, 2013 with the theme “Modern Silk, Modern Life”. The 4th Asian Protective Clothing Conference (APCC 2013), and Eco-friendly Textile Dyeing and Finishing Conference will also be held at the same time. The conference will reinforce the communication and cooperation of the sericulture, silk, textile and clothing industry from all over the world, pass and develop the silk civilization, exploit and innovate new textile and silk technology, protective clothing, eco-friendly dyeing and finishing technology.

The proceedings focus on sericulture bioengineering, fiber materials and textile products, process technology & system engineering of textile and clothing, eco-textile & dyeing and finishing technology, clothing science and technology & fashion, trade & culture of textile and clothing, protective clothing, history & resource protection of mulberry silk, and other related researches in textile and silk science.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Mulberry and Silkworm
Chain Conformational Study on Underwater Silk Proteins from Caddisfly, Stenopsyche
marmorata – Implication of a Fiber-Forming Mechanism
K. Ohkawa, M. Hachisu, T. Nomura, R. Arai, K. Hirabayashi, M. Tsukada and K. Abe 3
Preparation and Characterization of Biomimetic Mesoporous Bioactive Glass-Silk Fibroin
Composite Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering
C.H. Lei, X.X. Feng, Y.Y. Xu, Y.R. Li, H.L. Zhu and J.Y. Chen 9
Generation of Polyclonal Antibody for Bombyx mori Pheromone-Binding Protein 1
K.Z. Xu, M.H. Wang, L. Ma, G.S. Li, C. Mei, B. Li, Z.G. Wei, Y.X. Xu, W.D. Shen and Y.H.
Chen 15
Cultivation of Eri-Silkworm Cordyceps militaris and Determination of its Amino Acid
Y.Q. Jin and B. Li 21
Prediction of Genes Regulated by JAK-STAT Signal Pathway
J.B. Liu, Y. Qian, R.Y. Xue, G.L. Cao and C.L. Gong 25
The Succinate Dehydrogenase Genes of the Silkworm, Bombyx mori
S.S. Xu, F. Du and Z. Zhang 36
The Transcription Express Characteristics of Several Genes in the Process of Bombyx mori
Ovarian Carcinoma
X. Yi and L. Bing 39
Growth of Hydroxyapatite Crystals on Bombyx mori (B. mori) Silk Fibroin
Y.J. Shuai, G.S. Zhou, N. Mandal, S.J. Min, L.J. Zhu and M.Y. Yang 43
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Hippo Pathway Related Major Genes of Silkworm
(Bombyx mori)
Y. Qian, J.B. Liu, G.L. Cao, R.Y. Xue and C.L. Gong 48
Analysis of Cocoon and Silk Quality of Trimolter Silkworms Induced by Anti-Juvenile
R.H. Niu, Z.P. Wu, P.F. Yin, G.H. Wang and J.Z. Tan 57
Analysis of Differential Expression Proteins from Different Parts of Pistillate Flower in
Mulberry (Morus alba)
R.H. Niu, Y.Y. Chen, C. Chen, B.P. Zheng and J.Z. Tan 62
Differential Expression of Stage-Specific Fat Body Proteins during Larval-Pupal Period in
Silkworm (Bombyx mori)
C. Chen, Y.Y. Liu, Z.P. Wu, R.H. Niu and J.Z. Tan 67
Expression, Purification and Preparation of Polyclonal Antibody of Bombyx mori Serpin-6
M.H. Wang, K. Xu, G.S. Li, Y.Y. Wang, W.D. Shen and Y.X. Xu 72
Chapter 2: Textile and Silk Materials Science, Properties
Observations of Skin Tissue Regenerations in Biomaterial Scaffolds with Different
K.H. Zhan, L. Xie, X.H. Wang, B.Q. Zuo and L. Bai 79
Recombinant Cloning of Gene Sequence Encoding Silk Fibroin Heavy Chain
Z.F. Tian, H.R. Zhao, H.G. Yi and J.N. Wang 83
Fabrication and Characterization of Alginate Fibers by Wet-Spinning
G.K. Xu, L. Liu and J.M. Yao 87
Preparation and Application of Low Molecular Weight Chitosan Nanoparticle as a Textile
Finishing Agent
C. Wang, H. Lin, Y.Y. Chen and Y.H. Lu 92
Research on Anti-UV and Anti-Bacterial Properties of Multi-Functional Finishing on Silk
Fabric with Nano-MgO
W.L. Wang, T.J. Yi, Y.J. Zhou and G.H. Chen 98
Synthesis of Monodisperse Rod-Like Nano-AlOOH and Anti-Ultraviolet Finishing on Silk-
Cotton Fabrics
M.F. Xu, M. Zheng, Z.S. Wang and L.P. Zhu 103
Conformational Transition of Regenerated Spider Silk in Water
Y.M. Zhang and Z.J. Pan 107
Study on Silk Fibroin D-Mannose Blend Films
J. Hou, Q.F. Qian, S.S. Zhang, Y.Y. Shen and S.Z. Lu 112
Study on Antheraea Pernyi Silk Fibroin Microspheres Carried Drug
G.J. Li, J. Wang, S. Sun and S.Z. Lu 117
Preparation of Silk Fibroin/Pearl Powder Blend Films
M. Zhang and R.J. Xie 121
Effect of Glycerol on Structure and Properties of Silk Fibroin/Pearl Powder Blend Films
R.J. Xie and M. Zhang 126
Preparation and Characterization of pH-Responsive Poly(Vinyl-Alcohol)/Sodium
Carboxymethylcellulose Nanofibers
X.X. Zhang, J. Sun, J.J. Wang and L.X. Dai 132
Platelet Adhesion on the Silk Fibroin Material Surface
D. Sun, Y.L. Wei, Y. Wang and J.N. Wang 136
Research on the Magnetic Washing-Durability in the Surface of Fabric
G.J. Yu, F.F. Wu, H.L. Zuo and Y. Chen 140
The Influence of the Magnetic Fiber Content on Fabric Wearability
F.F. Wu, G.J. Yu and Y. Chen 144
Research of Antibacterial Properties about Liquid Detergent on the Surface of the Silk
H.C. Miao, W. Shen and C.D. Xu 148
Study on Quality and Property of Fine-Denier Raw Silk
W.J. Yu, J.Z. Tan and G.H. Wang 152
Study on Light Fastness of Natural Yellow Silk Fabric
J. Yao, Q.Q. Luo and C.Y. Zhu 156
Research on the Dynamic-Elegance Property of Fabric
Y.T. Zhang, D.S. Xue and L.N. Liu 161
Electrical Properties and Morphological Structures of UHMWPE/PANI Composite Fibers
Doped with Hydrochloric Acid
J.H. Hong, Z.J. Pan, M. Li and M. Yao 166
Structure and Properties of Porous Bulked Tussah Silk and its Product
T.L. Xing, J.Y. Sheng, G.Q. Chen, Y.F. Yang and Y.G. Liu 172
A Tearing Model for Warp Knitted Fabrics with Hexagonal Meshes
L.Y. Wu, P. Wang and J.H. He 176
Determination of the Del Zone in Tearing of Textiles Using an Ancient Chinese Algorithm
P. Wang, T.T. Li and J.H. He 183
Analysis of Raw Silk Fineness Series and the Fine Limit Point
T.T. Tao, H. Wang and W.C. Fei 187
Research on Properties of Silk/ Synthetic Composite Flat Multi-Filaments Fabric
X.Y. Zhang, J.T. Niu and X. Chen 191
Preparation, Structure and Properties of ε–Polylysine Grafted Silk Fabric with Laccase
F.Y. Guo, M.Y. Yang, Y. Cao and T.L. Xing 195
R & D Status and Countermeasures of Natural Functional Kapok Fiber
Q. Du and Y.N. Chen 199
Cognitive Evaluation of Silk Fabrics Based on Physiological Signal
X.X. Zhang, W. Chen, Y.Q. Liu and G.H. Wang 205
Chapter 3: Textile Processing, Technology and Manufacture
Fabric Identification Based on Friction Wave
C. Tao and Y. Chen 211
The Research on the Development Strategy of Modern Industry Cluster for “Home Class
C.K. Gao and S.Z. Hu 215
Study on Conventional Method of Test and Evaluation of Woven Fabric’s Elasticity on
Wrinkle Resistance
Y.G. Jiang, C.C. Zhao and J.H. Sui 221
Research on Performance of MPIA/PTFE Union Fabric Used as Self-Lubricating Bearings
J. Gu, X.M. Huang and J.H. Sui 225
The Strategic Study on Shanghai Holding Group Leading the Development of Industrial
H.Y. Liu, C.K. Gao and S.Z. Hu 229
Research of the Weft-Curved Technology of Woven Fabrics
J.H. Sui, Y.N. Li, Q.P. Hu and M. Su 234
Correlation Analysis Based on the Performance and Structural Parameters of Woven
Fabrics for Bedding
X.K. Sun, T. Qiu, M.J. Chen and C. Feng 240
Effects of the Polypropylene Fabric Morphology on the Photografting Copolymerization of
X.L. Shi, Y. Liu, H. Wan, X.S. Zhu and Z.J. Pan 245
Design and Study on Integrated Fabric GPS Micro Strip Antenna
S.C. Xu, L.L. He, J. Li and G.H. Wang 251
Discussion on Application of the Chinese Favonian Patterns in Silk Home-Textile Design
H.Q. Miao, K.W. Nie and Z.P. Ding 255
Analysis and Prediction for Chrysalis Silk Price Index Based on the Improved GM (1, 1)
Model and the Grey-Markov Model
T. Qiu, M.J. Chen, H. Fang and C. Feng 259
Numerical Study on the Polymer Drawing of the Unsymmetrical Air Flow Field in Melt
Blowing Process
Y. Ma, H.J. Chen, T. Chen and L.L. Wu 264
Temperature Distribution of the Air Flow Field in Melt Blowing Process: Simulation and
X.Q. Wang, C. Xu, T. Chen and L.L. Wu 268
Optimum Design for the Dual Slot Die Parameters of Melt Blowing Process
T.T. Cheng, C. Xu, L.L. Wu and T. Chen 272
Testing the Blend Ratio of Cashmere/Wool Yarns by Object Extraction Method
W. Shen and H.C. Miao 277
Community Extraction of Complex Networks in the Textile-Related Trade for Industries
Pertaining to Dyeing and Finishing
F.F. Xia, Y. Matsumura, M. Takatera, T. Ohtani, T. Yasuda and K. Ohkura 281
Study on Operation Factors and Standard Time of Clothing Cutting Process
H.L. Zuo and Y. Chen 286
The Preparation of Aramid Paper and its Properties
L.R. Yao, W.T. Zhao, S.Q. Xu and Q.L. Sun 290
Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Polystyrene Fibrous Membranes via
X.S. Zhu, Q. Gao, Z.J. Pan and Y. Liu 294
Manufacture of Fabric Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites with High Fiber Volume
A.C. Xu and L.M. Bao 301
The Spinning State and Nanofiber Orientation of the Yarn Produced by a Novel Multi-
Needles Electrospinning
L. Tian, J. Li and Z.J. Pan 306
Fabrication of High-Strength Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes/ Polyvinyl Alcohol
Composite Nanofibers by Electrospinning
X.H. Zhang, H.G. Dai and Y. Cao 311
Study on Taylor Cone and Trajectory of Spinning Jet by Altering the Properties of Negative
J. Li, B. He, N. Pan and Z.J. Pan 317
Cluster Analysis of the Chrysalis Silk Production Provinces in China
H. Wang, T.T. Tao and W.C. Fei 323
Preparation of PVDF Nanofibrous Membrane and its Waterproof and Breathable Property
Y. Zhou, L.R. Yao and Q. Gao 327
Chapter 4: Chemical Engineering and Dyeing Technologies
Surface Characterization of Poly(DL-Lactide-co-Glycolide) (PLGA) Membranes Fabricated
by the Various Methods for Biomedical Applications
F.J. Liu 333
The Preparation of Transfer Paper for Novel Silk Transfer Printing
Q. Li, G.Q. Chen and T.L. Xing 337
Analysis on the Differences of Color Fastness Standard of Textiles at Home and Abroad
M.J. Chen, T. Qiu, X.K. Sun and C. Feng 343
Research of Salt-Free Dyeing of Reactive Dyes on Chitosan Quaternary Ammonium Salt
Treated Bombyx mori Silk Fabric
W. Zhang, Y.G. Cheng and J.J. Zhou 347
Fabrication of ZnO Nanoparticles by Hyperbranched Polymer and their Application on the
Functional Finishing of Cotton Fabric
D.S. Zhang, Y.F. Liao, H. Lin and Y.Y. Chen 353
Finishing of Silk Textile with Fluorinated Polyacrylate Latex and the Effect of Silicone
Cross-Linking Bond in Copolymer on Hydrophobicity and Lipophobicity
L. Shan, Z.X. Li, Y. Xu, L. Cai, X. Zang and L. Wu 360
Structure and Properties of Cotton Grafted Using Trifluoroethyl Methacrylate via ATRP
S.W. Li, T.L. Xing, Z.X. Li and G.Q. Chen 364
Synthesis of Amino-Silicone Oil Modified with Fluoroalkyl Group and its Application of
Deep Dyeing Finishing on Silk Fabric
Y. Xu, Z.X. Li, L. Shan, L. Cai, X. Zang and L. Wu 370
Fabrication of Antibacterial and UV Protective Silk Fabrics via in Situ Generating ZnO
Nanoparticles by Hyperbranched Polymer
Y.F. Liao, D.S. Zhang, Y.Y. Chen and H. Lin 374
Preparation of Hydroxypropyl Chitosan Nanoparticles and their Application in Antheraea
Pernyi Silk Treatment
Y.H. Lu, Z.M. Liu and D.H. Cheng 380
Cross-Linking Soybean Protein into Periodate Oxidized Cotton Fabrics and their Physical
C. Huang, Y.H. Xu and J.L. Chen 385
Synthesis of Cationic Bolaform Surfactant and its Application Performance of as Levelling
J.J. Zhang and X.R. Wang 390
Studies on the Effect of Sinapic Acid on Silk Fabric Printing with Sorghum Red
X.C. Dai, Z.W. Hang and X.R. Wang 395
Study on the novel Modification of Polyester Fabrics with Sericin Protein
Q.Q. Zhou, J. Dai, H.Q. Lin and J.C. Lv 400
Synthesis of Aminosilicone Oil with Long-Chain Alkyl Groups Modification and its
Application on Silk Fabric
L. Cai, Z.X. Li, J.M. Jiang, L. Shan, Y. Xu, L. Wu and X. Zang 408
Synthesis and Application of Quaternary Ammonium-Functionalized Hyperbranched
Polyester Antibacterial Agent
X.D. Zhou, K. Chen, J.L. Guo and Y.F. Zhang 412
Study on the Application of Sericin in Cosmetics
J.Y. Sheng, J. Xu, Y. Zhuang, D.Q. Sun, T.L. Xing and G.Q. Chen 416
Preparation of Hemicyanine Dye Encapsulated Silica Particles and their Application in
Cotton Fabrics
C.X. Qin, L. Qin, G.Q. Chen and T. Lin 424
In Situ Coloration of Silk with Coupling Reaction and the Spectrum Characteristics
W.G. Chen, Z.Q. Wang, Z.H. Cui and Z.C. Meng 428
Effect of Poly(Vinyl Pyrrolidone) on Dispersing Carbon Black Particles
X. Yuan 432
Chapter 5: Clothing Science and Design Technologies
Feature Analysis and Extraction of the Garment Layout Planning
A.Y. Jin and X.M. Shang 439
Analysis and Optimization of the Body Measurement Program Supporting the Clothing
B. Cao and X.M. Shang 443
An Exploration of the Smart Clothing with Silk Prospect for the Senior Citizen
C.S. Chen and K. Chen 447
The Research of the Pattern Reconstruction Based on the Pattern Silhouette – Take Men’s
Shirt for Example
L. Cai and X.M. Shang 450
An Optimized Algorithm of Numerical Cutting-Path Control in Garment Manufacturing
J. Ye and Z.G. Chen 454
Analysis on Customers Expecting Value Model – Based on the Empirical Study of Fashion
Luxury Products
Z. Zheng, M.L. Huang and Y. Chen 458
Research on Building the Preference Model of Seamless Badminton Sportswear Based on
the Conjoint Analysis
F. Fang, Y. Chen and H. Lu 462
The Research on Interesting Area of Bra Style Based on the Eye Tracking Technology
F. Fang, T.T. Yan and Z.T. Yang 468
The Application of Color Psychological Effect on Fashion Design
J.F. Zhang 474
The Extraction of Song Brocade’s Characteristic Elements and the Application in Fashion
H.Y. Tang and Y. Chen 484
Research on Chinese Fashion Luxury Goods Markets and Consumer Groups
H. Lu, Y. Chen and Z. Zheng 488
Evaluation on Size-Illusion of Clothing Color Based on Behavioural Measure
X.P. Bian, X.F. Jiang and Y.Q. Liu 492
Study on the Fitness of the Cup Mold for Female Teenager’s Bra
H. Li and Z.H. Feng 497
The Analysis of Arrangement Sense about Yarn-Dyed Geometric Pattern Design
J.P. Shi 502
Research on the Relationship between Color Thread Coverage Rate on the Surface of Yarn
Dyed Fabric and its Color Saturation of Mixed Colors
Q.Z. Li, X.K. Jin, S.Y. Xu and C.Y. Zhu 507
Research on Generation Rules of Chest Width Point Curve Based on 3D Female Mannequin
R. Jin, B.F. Gu and G.L. Liu 513
The Lifestyle Oriented Marketing of Fashion Luxury
Y. Chen and J. Zhang 519
Study on the Artistic Features of Folk Needlework
H. Liu 523
The Material and Technology of the Chu Embroidery
Y.Q. Liu 527
Application of Traditional Chinese Auspicious Patterns in the Design of Modern Silk
S.R. Yang 532
Talking Designer’s Emotional State in the Fashion Creation
Y.N. Guo and X.W. Xu 538
Effects of the Silk Road on Chinese Fabric Pattern Design
S. Sun and M.M. Wang 542
Design of Method Database for Correction System of Intelligent Womens Jacket Pattern
X. Lu 549
Traditional Costume Culture of She Ethnic Group from Ecological Perspective
J. Yan, L.Y. Chen and X.R. Fan 554
Neurocognitive Research for Fabric Touch Perception with Different Temperature
Y.Q. Liu, X.X. Zhang, X.F. Jiang, G.H. Wang, Z.W. Zhang and K.M. Chen 558
The Market Research of Antibacterial Textiles
D.Y. Wu, S. Liu, X.E. Bai and W.G. Zhang 562
The Application of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation in the Bias Cut Fabric Choice
L. Jing and C. Chao 567
Up-Cycling Trend Analysis in Fashion Industries
Y.S. Kim 573
The Application of Digital Printing Technology in Modern Silk Garments
B.Z. Wang and Y. Chen 577
The Evaluation of Dynamic Clothing Pressure
Z.G. Chen and J. Ye 584
Study on the Suzhou Embroidery and Innovative Design of Modern Silk Scarf
W. Xin 588
The Influence of Dimensional Stability on Overfeed Sewing Shrinkage of Wool Fabric
T.H. Xu and H. Sun 593
Chapter 6: Protective and Special Clothing
Orthogonal Numerical Analysis on Thermal Stress of the Pilot Wearing Anti-G Suit with
Phase Change Materials
F.Z. Li, Y. Wang and Y. Li 601
Research on Thermal Protective Performance of Thermal Insulation and Flame-Retardant
Protective Clothing
F.F. Li, C.Q. Zheng, G.M. Qin and X.H. Zhou 607
Standard System Analysis on Protective Clothing Against Heat and Flame
G.F. Yao, H.W. Liu and J.H. Yin 613
Evaluation of Functional Underwear for Firefighter Clothing by Total Heat Loss
K. Wakatsuki, H. Tsuji, T. Kato and Y. Ogawa 617
Influence on Skin Burns by Water Absorbed Station Wear and Underwear in Firefighter
K. Wakatsuki, N. Morii, Y. Ogawa and H. Tsuji 623
Effect of Undergarments on Micro-Environment under Anti-Static Dust-Free Clothing
Y. Liu, H.Y. Wu, Y.P. Li and X.Q. Dai 630
Study on the Wearability Performances of High Temperature Protective Overalls in Present
S. Liu, D.Y. Wu and X.E. Bai 634
Influence of Layer Configuration on Protecting Effect of Thermal Protective Clothing
Containing PCM
J.Y. Xu, Y.C. Sun, X.X. Li and R.X. Chen 639
Numerical Simulation the Airflow Field in the Flame Retardant Cloth Ducts
X.Q. Xing, X.F. Zhao, Z. Qin and X.H. Zhou 643
Thermal Requirement Analysis of Phase Change Protective Clothing in Low Temperature
X.X. Li, Y.C. Sun, J.Y. Xu and R.X. Chen 649
Design and Shielding Effectiveness of Electromagnetic Shielding Textiles
Y.S. Liu and G.H. Chen 653
The Influence of Cushion Material on the Pressure Distribution Based on the Young Female
Sitting Posture
S.Q. Bai, H.Q. Fan and X.H. Zhou 657


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