Sewing Machine Secrets: The Insider’s Guide to Mastering Your Machine PDF by Nicole Vasbinder


Sewing Machine Secrets: The Insider’s Guide to Mastering Your Machine
by Nicole Vasbinder
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How to use this book
1: Types of Machines
Sewing machines
2: Sewing Machine Buyer’s Guide
Anatomy of a sewing machine
Quality of construction
Motor power and speed
Common accessories and feet
Common stitches
Sewing machine features
3: Mechanical Versus Computerized
Mechanical machines
Computerized machines
4: Sewing Machine Needles
Anatomy of a needle
Needle sizes
Types of needles
5: Threads
All-purpose threads
Specialty threads
6: Attachments
Useful attachments
7: Sewing Machine Maintenance
Replacement parts
Cleaning the machine
Oiling the machine
8: Basic Feet
Types of basic feet
Using basic feet
Topstitching and edgestitching
9: Zipper Feet
Types of zipper feet
Using a centered zipper
Using an invisible zipper
Using an exposed zipper
10: Button and Buttonhole Feet
Manual and sliding buttonhole feet
Automatic buttonhole and button feet
Buttonholes: manual
Buttonholes: automatic
Fancy buttonholes
Stitching buttons and making buttonholes
11: Hemming
Types of hemming feet
Blind hem
Rolled hem
Top-, edge- & coverstitch hem
12: Ruffles and Gathers
Types of ruffling and gathering feet
Gathering fabric
Pleating fabric
Shirring fabric
Ruffled and pleated trims
13: Seam Finishes
Types of seam finishing feet
Overcast & flat-felled seams
Serged seam
French seam
Bound seam
14: Embroidery and Quilting
Types of embroidery and quilting feet
Decorative stitches
Free-motion embroidery
Patchwork and piecing
15: Specialty Fabrics
Types of specialty fabric feet
Sewing leather and vinyl
Sewing knits and velvet
Quilting lofty fabrics
Sewing patterned and slippery fabrics
16: Trims and Embellishments
Trim and embellishment feet
Cording and couching
Piping and welting
Sewing on trims
Using the pearl and beading foot
Lace trims
How to make bias tape
Bias binding
Fringe and tailor tacks

How to use this book
I have been sewing for about 30 years and consider myself a fairly advanced seamstress. Most of my sewing is straightforward construction for clothing, handbags, and home décor projects; it primarily involves seams, hems, buttonholes, and zippers. I was hesitant to try embellishing techniques because I have basic sewing machines and thought I needed a fancy embroidery machine. Then I discovered that a wide variety of feet and attachments make impressive designer techniques possible and easy to do on any home sewing machine.

Knowing which machine is right for you is the first important step to learning how to sew. Knowing how to use that machine inside and out is crucial in order to make the most out of it. You can use your sewing machine for more common sewing tasks and also learn techniques that most people think only high-end machines can achieve. In this book, you will learn all about the feet and attachments that are available and how to use them for their intended purposes as well as for other tasks you may not have even imagined.

This book is organized into two sections. Section one is all about showing you how to choose, use, and maintain a sewing machine, and learning handy tips along the way so you can extend the life of your machine. I discuss all the different types of sewing machines and the tasks for which they are best suited. I cover mechanical and computerized machines and their advantages and limitations. I also explain how to clean, oil, and maintain your sewing machine so that it runs like new and stays out of the repair shop. I show you which parts are simple to replace as they wear out.

Section two is technique based and is organized into chapters according to individual sewing tasks such as zippers, hems, and embroidery. Each chapter identifies the most versatile and commonly used presser feet, and then provides step-bystep tutorials for all the results you can achieve with these feet. I explain how each foot can be used and manipulated to help you improve your sewing skills, providing useful tricks and insider secrets along the way. Tutorials are identified by skill level and include illustrations of how the finished item should look (see the tutorial icons key below).

Whether you are just starting out with your first sewing machine or have been sewing for a while and want to build on your skills, this book gives you practical advice and tips to help extend the life of your sewing machine and master a broad range of techniques. I sincerely hope that this book becomes an inspiring part of your sewing library and pushes you to a new level of creativity and confidence.

Happy sewing!

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