Socioeconomic Dynamics of the COVID-19 Crisis PDF by Nezameddin Faghih and Amir Forouharfar


Socioeconomic Dynamics of the COVID-19 Crisis

By Nezameddin Faghih  and  Amir Forouharfar

Socioeconomic Dynamics of the COVID-19 Crisis PDF by Nezameddin Faghih and Amir Forouharfar


1 An Introduction to Socioeconomic Dynamics of the COVID-19 Crisis: Global, Regional, and Local Perspectives  1

Nezameddin Faghih and Amir Forouharfar

Part I Impacts on Entrepreneurship and Management Studies

2 Entrepreneurial Frugality in Crisis: An Interpretative Phenomenological Approach  19

Nezameddin Faghih, Mansoureh Vahabzadeh, and Mozhgan Danesh

3 The Future of International Entrepreneurship Post-COVID-19  45

Lasse Torkkeli, Anisur Faroque, and Hannes Velt

4 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Development of Entrepreneurial Universities:

A Study of Higher Education Institutions in Turkey  63

Hiroko Kawamorita, Aidin Salamzadeh, David A. Kirby, and Kurşat Demiryurek

5 Opportunities and Threats Facing Early-Stage Digital

Startups During the COVID-19

Pandemic  83

Asef Karimi, Navid Mohammadi, and Shaghayegh Sakhteh

6 Developments and Changes in Organization and Management Research in the Post-COVID-19 Era:

A Foundationalist Approach 101

Adel Azar and Mahdi Azizi

Part II Shock Economy and Financial Dynamics

7 Lessons from COVID-19 and Its Impact on Reallocation of Resources: A Cross-Country

Comparison in Search of a Global Perspective  127

Jamshid Damooei

8 Financial Markets and COVID-19  175

Kunibert Raffer

9 Forecasting Monetary Policy Rates in the COVID-19 Era for South Africa  193

Thobeka Ncanywa and Ombeswa Ralarala

10 The Effectiveness of the COVID-19 Economic and Social Relief Package as a Poverty Alleviation Strategy in South Africa  215

Adrino Mazenda, Tyanai Masiya, and David Mandiyanike

11 Oil Price, Foreign Reserves, and Exchange Rate Nexus During COVID-19  231

Philip Ifeakachukwu Nwosa and Oluwadamilola Tosin Fasina

Part III Politics and Sociology of the COVID-19 Crisis

12 COVID-19 and China’s Quest for Global Hegemony  253

Angela Ajodo-Adebanjoko

13 COVID-19 and the Cultural Challenges of the Rights of Contemporary African Ancestors  269

Benson Ohihon Igboin

Part IV Psychology of the COVID-19 Crisis

14 Psychological Perspectives on COVID-19  291

Sara Hosseini-Nezhad, Saba Safdar, Pegah Hosseini-Nezhad, and Lan Anh Nguyen Luu

15 Incorporating the Outcomes of COVID-19 with Other Recent

Pandemic Outbreaks on Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis  327

Amrita Choudhary, Jay Kumar Ranjan, Payal Sharma, and H. S. Asthana

Part V The COVID-19 Crisis: Public Health and Biopolitics

16 The Spread of the Novel Coronavirus Disease-2019 in Polluted Cities: Environmental and Demographic Factors to Control for the Prevention of Future Pandemic Diseases  351

Mario Coccia

17 High-Performing Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting the Spread of COVID-19 371

David O. Oyewola, K. A. Al-Mustapha, Asabe Ibrahim,

and Emmanuel Gbenga Dada

18 Perceptions and Coping Strategies to COVID-19 in a Rural Ghanaian Community  403

Peter Asare-Nuamah, Justina Adwoa Onumah,

Christopher Dick-Sagoe, and Kingsley Obeng Kessie

19 Government Policy Response to COVID-19 and Stock Market Return: The Case of Iran  423

Sakine Owjimehr and Ali Hussein Samadi

20 Request and Donation Efficiencies in a Crisis: Data Envelopment Analyses of a Philippine Web-Based

Emergency Response System  441

Jackson J. Tan and Richard L. Parcia

Part VI The COVID-19 Crisis: Food and Agriculture

21 How Did COVID-19 Reshape Food Procurement Around the Globe? Effective Operation and Redesign

of the Food Retail Industry in China, Portugal, Turkey, and the USA  465

Yiru Wang, Merve Yanar Gurce, Joao Nuno Lopes, Tite Xu, and Xiang Chen

22 COVID-19 Pandemic and Agriculture: Potential Impact on Legumes and Their Economic Value Chain  485

Mangena Phetole

Index  507

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