An Introduction to Business Ethics, 7th Edition PDF by Joseph Desjardins


An Introduction to Business Ethics, Seventh Edition

By Joseph Desjardins

An Introduction to Business Ethics, Seventh Edition


Preface x

Chapter One: Why Study Ethics? 1

Learning Objectives 1

Discussion Case: Facebook 1

Discussion Questions 5

Business Ethics: The What and the Why 6

Ethics, Morality, and Social Justice 9

Business Ethics as Responsible Decision Making 12

Skeptical Challenge I: Isn’t the Law Enough? 14

Skeptical Challenge II: Ethical Relativism 16

A Model for Ethical Decision Making 22

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 25

Chapter Review Questions 26

Chapter Two: Ethical Theory and Business 27

Learning Objectives 27

Discussion Case: CEO Compensation versus Minimum Wage 27

Discussion Questions 29

Introduction 30

Virtue Ethics 32

Utilitarian Ethics 37

Challenges to Utilitarianism 41

Utilitarianism and Business Policy 44

Rights, Duties, and Principle-Based Ethics 46

Summary and Review 50

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 52

Chapter Review Questions 53

Chapter Three: Corporate Social Responsibility 54

Learning Objectives 54

Discussion Case: Section 230: If It Is Legal, Is It Ethically Responsible? 54

Discussion Questions 58

Introduction 59

The Economic Model of Corporate Social Responsibility 59

Critical Assessment of the Economic Model: The Utilitarian Defense 62

Critical Assessment of the Economic Model: The Private Property Defense 67

Modified Version of the Economic Model: The Moral Minimum 70

The Stakeholder Model of Corporate Social Responsibility 73

Strategic Model of Corporate Social Responsibility: Benefit Corporations 78

Summary and Review 80

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 82

Chapter Review Questions 83

Chapter Four: Corporate Culture, Governance, and Ethical Leadership 86

Learning Objectives 86

Discussion Case: Fraud at Wells Fargo 86

Discussion Questions 89

Introduction 89

What Is Corporate Culture? 90

Culture and Ethics 92

Ethical Leadership and Corporate Culture 94

Effective Leadership and Ethical Leadership 97

Building a Values-Based Corporate Culture 99

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 102

Chapter Review Questions 102

Chapter Five: The Meaning and Value of Work 104

Learning Objectives 104

Discussion Case: Work–Life Balance After a Pandemic 104

Discussion Questions 107

Introduction 107

The Meanings of Work 109

The Value of Work 111

Conventional Views of Work 116

The Human Fulfillment Model 117

The Liberal Model of Work 120

Business’s Responsibility for Meaningful Work 122

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 124

Chapter Review Questions 125

Chapter Six: Moral Rights in the Workplace 127

Learning Objectives 127

Discussion Case: Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring 127

Discussion Questions 129

Introduction: Employee Rights 129

The Right to Work 131

Employment at Will 134

Due Process in the Workplace 136

Participation Rights 140

Freedom of Expression 142

Employee Health and Safety 145

Privacy in the Workplace 151

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 154

Chapter Review Questions 155

Chapter Seven: Employee Responsibilities 157

Learning Objectives 157

Discussion Case: Trust in Business 157

Discussion Questions 160

Introduction 160

Trust and Business 162

The Narrow View of Employee Responsibilities: Employees as Agents 163

Professional Ethics and the Gatekeeper Function 168

Managerial Responsibility and Conflicts of Interest 171

Trust and Loyalty in the Workplace 175

Responsibilities to Third Parties: Honesty, Whistle-Blowing, and Insider Trading 178

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 185

Chapter Review Questions 187

Chapter Eight: Marketing Ethics: Product Safety and Pricing 159

Learning Objectives 189

Discussion Case: Social Harms: Obesity and Opioids 189

Discussion Questions 193

Ethical Issues in Marketing: An Overview 193

Ethical Responsibility for Products: From Caveat Emptor to Negligence 197

Strict Product Liability 202

Ethics and Pricing 204

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 208

Chapter Review Questions 209

Chapter Nine: Marketing Ethics: Advertising and Digital Marketing 211

Learning Objectives 211

Discussion Case: Digital Marketing and “Dark Patterns” 211

Discussion Questions 213

Introduction 214

Ethics of Manipulation and Deception 218

Government Regulation of Deceptive and Unfair Advertising 221

Digital Marketing and Consumer Privacy 225

Marketing Ethics and Consumer Autonomy 227

Targeting the Vulnerable: Marketing and Sales 233

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 237

Chapter Review Questions 238

Chapter Ten: Sustainability and the Natural Environment 240

Learning Objectives 240

Discussion Case: Business and Sustainability 240

Discussion Questions 243

Introduction: Business, the Environment, and Sustainability 244

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment 245

Business’s Responsibility as Environmental Regulation 248

Business Ethics and Sustainable Economics 250

Business Ethics in the Age of Sustainable Development 253

The “Business Case” for Sustainability 257

Critical Reflections on Chapter Discussion Case 259

Chapter Review Questions 261

Chapter Eleven: Workplace Diversity and Discrimination 262

Learning Objectives 262

Discussion Case: Sexual Harassment and Gender Equality 262

Discussion Questions 264

Introduction: Diversity and Equality 264

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 268

Discrimination, Equal Opportunity, and Affirmative Action 272

Preferential Treatment in Employment 277

Arguments Against Preferential Hiring 281

Arguments in Support of Preferential Hiring 284

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 287

Chapter Review Questions 288

Chapter Twelve: International Business and Globalization 290

Learning Objectives 290

Discussion Case: Business Ethics in a Global Setting 290

Discussion Questions 292

Introduction 293

Ethical Relativism and Cross-Cultural Values 294

Cross-Cultural Values, Human Rights, and the Ruggie Principles 297

Globalization and International Business 300

Globalization and the Poor 302

“Race to the Bottom” 305

Democracy, Cultural Integrity, and Human Rights 306

International Business and a Duty of National Loyalty 309

Reflections on the Chapter Discussion Case 311

Chapter Review Questions 311

Index 313

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