Principles and Applications Of Electrical Engineering, 7th Edition PDF by Giorgio Rizzoni and James Kearns


Principles and Applications Of Electrical Engineering, Seventh Edition

By Giorgio Rizzoni and James Kearns

Principles and Applications Of Electrical Engineering, Seventh Edition


Preface ix


Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 3

Features of Networks and Circuits 4

Charge, Current and Voltage 10

i-υ Characteristics and Sources 14

Power and the Passive Sign Convention 17

Kirchhoff’s Laws 22

Resistance and Ohm’s Law 29

The Node Voltage Method 38

The Mesh Current Method 48

The Node Voltage and Mesh Current Methods with Dependent  Sources 56

Chapter 2: Equivalent Networks 79

Resistors in Series and Voltage Division 80

Resistors in Parallel and Current Division 88

Equivalent Resistance Between Two Nodes 93

Linear Networks and the Principle of Superposition 100

The Source-Load Perspective 105

Source Transformations 108

Thévenin and Norton Equivalent Networks 111

Maximum Power Transfer 132

Practical Voltage and Current Sources 135

Measurement Devices 136

Nonlinear Circuit Elements 141

Chapter 3: AC Network Analysis 163

Circuits Containing Energy Storage Elements 164

Capacitors and Inductors 166

Time-Dependent Waveforms 183

Phasor Solution of Circuits with Sinusoidal Sources 188

Impedance 191

AC Circuit Analysis 201

Instantaneous and Average Power 214

Apparent Power and the Power Triangle 221

Power Factor Correction 228

Chapter 4: Transient Analysis 257

Transient Analysis 259

Elements of Transient Problem Solving 261

First-Order Transient Analysis 272

Second-Order Transient Analysis 292

Chapter 5: Frequency Response and System Concepts 327

Sinusoidal Frequency Response 328

Fourier Analysis 335

Low- and High-Pass Filters 344

Bandpass Filters, Resonance and Quality Factor 355

Bode Plots 366


Chapter 6: Operational Amplifiers 393

Ideal Amplifiers 394

The Operational Amplifier 399

Active Filters 425

Design of Active Filters 429

Integrators and Differentiators 435

Physical Limitations of Operational Amplifiers 443

Chapter 7: Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements 473

Measurement Systems and Transducers 474

Wiring, Grounding and Noise 479

Signal Conditioning 483

Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion 488

Comparator and Timing Circuits 500


Chapter 8: Semiconductors and Diodes 521

Electrical Conduction in Semiconductor Devices 522

The pn Junction and the Semiconductor Diode 524

Page vii

Large-Signal Models for the Semiconductor Diode 527

Small-Signal Models for the Semiconductor Diode 532

Rectifier Circuits 539

Zener Diodes and Voltage Regulation 547

Photodiodes 556

Chapter 9: Bipolar Junction Transistors: Operation, Circuit Models, and Applications 569

Amplifiers and Switches 570

The Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) 573

BJT Large-Signal Model 581

A Brief Introduction to Small-Signal Amplification 591

Gates and Switches 598

Chapter 10: Field-Effect Transistors: Operation, Circuit Models and Applications 611

Field-Effect Transistor Classes 612

Enhancement-Mode MOSFETs 612

Biasing MOSFET Circuits 619

MOSFET Large-Signal Amplifiers 624

CMOS Technology and MOSFET Switches 630


Chapter 11: Digital Logic Circuits 645

Analog and Digital Signals 646

The Binary Number System 648

Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates 657

Karnaugh Maps and Logic Design 669

Combinational Logic Modules 682

Chapter 12: Digital Systems 701

Latches and Flip-Flops 702

Digital Counters and Registers 709

Sequential Logic Design 717

Computer System Architecture 720

The ATmega328P Microcontroller 724

The ArduinoTM Project 731


Chapter 13: Electric Power Systems 741

Instantaneous and Average Power 742

Complex Power 749

Power Factor Correction 756

Transformers 767

Three-Phase Power 777

Residential Wiring; Grounding and Safety 783

Power Generation and Distribution 786

Chapter 14: Principles of Electromechanics 803

Electricity and Magnetism 804

Magnetic Circuits 815

Magnetic Materials and B-H Curves 830

Transformers 832

Electromechanical Energy Conversion 836

Chapter 15: Electric Machines 865

Rotating Electric Machines 866

Direct-Current Machines 879

Direct-Current Motors 886

Direct-Current Generators 896

Alternating-Current Machines 899

The Alternator (Synchronous Generator) 901

The Synchronous Motor 903

The Induction Motor 907

Electric Motor Drives 918

Chapter 16: Special-Purpose Electric Machines (online chapter)

Brushless DC Motors

Stepping Motors

Switched Reluctance Motors

Single-Phase AC Motors

Motor Selection and Application

Chapter 17: Power Electronics (online chapter)

Power Electronic Devices and Circuits

Voltage Regulators

Power Amplifiers

Page viii

Transistor Switches

AC-DC Converters

Chapter 18: Analog Communication Systems (online chapter)

Introduction to Communication Systems

Spectral Analysis

Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation

Frequency Modulation and Demodulation

Examples of Communication Systems

Chapter 19: Digital Communications (online chapter)

A Typical Digital Communications System

Introductory Probability

Pulse-Code Modulation

Source Coding

Digital Baseband Modulation

Channel Coding

Advanced Topics

Data Transmission in Digital Instruments

Appendix A Linear Algebra and Complex Numbers 935

Appendix B The Laplace Transform 943

Appendix C Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination 953

Appendix D ASCII Character Code 959

Index 961

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