Handbook of Industrial Engineering: Technology and Operations Management, Third Edition Edited by Gavriel Salvendy


Handbook of Industrial Engineering: Technology and Operations Management Third Edition
Edited by Gavriel Salvendy

Handbook of Industrial Engineering - Technology and Operations Mgmt

I. Industrial Engineering Function and Skills 1
1. Full Potential Utilization of Industrial and Systems
Engineering in Organizations, by D. Scott Sink, David F.
Poirier, and George L. Smith 3
2. Enterprise Concept: Business Modeling Analysis and
Design, by Frank O. Marrs and Barry M. Mundt 26
II. Technology 61
A. Information Technology 63
3. Tools for Building Information Systems, by Robert M.
Barker, Brian L. Dos Santos, Clyde W. Holsapple,
William P. Wagner, and Andrew L. Wright 65
4. Decision Support Systems, by Andrew P. Sage 110
5. Automation Technology, by Chin-Yin Huang and Shimon
Y. Nof 155
6. Computer Integrated Technologies and Knowledge
Management, by Frank-Lothar Krause, Kai Mertins,
Andreas Edler, Peter Heisig, Ingo Hoffmann, and
Markus Helmke 177
7. Computer Networking, by Lajos Ba´lint and Tama´s
Ma´ray 227
8. Electronic Commerce, by Soon-Yong Choi and Andrew
B. Whinston 259
9. Enterprise Modeling, by August-Wilhelm Scheer, Frank
Habermann, and Oliver Thomas 280
B. Manufacturing and Production Systems 309
10. The Factory of the Future: New Structures and Methods
to Enable Transformable Production, by Hans-Ju¨rgen
Warnecke, Wilfried Sihn, and Ralf von Briel 311
11. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Manufacturing,
by Mary Elizabeth A. Algeo and Edward J.
Barkmeyer 324
12. Automation and Robotics, by Rolf Dieter Schraft,
Jens-Gu¨nter Neugebauer, and Stefan Schmid 354
13. Assembly Process, by K. Feldmann 401
14. Manufacturing Process Planning and Design, by Tien-
Chien Chang and Yuan-Shin Lee 447
15. Computer Integrated Manufacturing, by Cheng Wu, Fan
YuShun, and FinXiao Deyun 484
16. Clean Manufacturing, by Julie Ann Stuart 530
17. Just-in-Time, Lean Production, and Complementary
Paradigms, by Takao Enkawa and Shane J.
Schvaneveldt 544
18. Near-Net-Shape Processes, by Reimund Neugebauer and
Klaus Herfurth 562
19. Environmental Engineering: Regulation and Compliance,
by Robert B. Jacko and Timothy M. C. LaBreche 589
20. Collaborative Manufacturing, by Jose´ A. Ceroni and
Shimon Y. Nof 601
C. Service Systems 621
21. Service Industry Systems and Service Quality, by Martin
Wetzels and Ko de Ruyter 623
22. Assessment and Design of Service Systems, by Michael
Haischer, Hans-Jo¨rg Bullinger, and Klaus-Peter
Fa¨hnrich 634
23. Customer Service and Service Quality, by Richard A.
Feinberg 651
24. Pricing and Sales Promotion, by Kent B. Monroe 665
25. Mass Customization, by Mitchell M. Tseng and Jianxin
Jiao 684
26. Client/Server Technology, by On Hashida and Hiroyuki
Sakata 710
27. Industrial Engineering Applications in Health Care
Systems, by Swatantra K. Kachhal 737
28. Industrial Engineering Applications in Financial Asset
Management, by R. McFall Lamm, Jr. 751
29. Industrial Engineering Applications in Retailing, by
Richard A. Feinberg and Tim Christiansen 772
30. Industrial Engineering Applications in Transportation, by
Chryssi Malandraki, David Zaret, Juan R. Perez, and
Chuck Holland 787
31. Industrial Engineering Applications in Hotels and
Restaurants, by Douglas C. Nelson 825
III. Performance Improvement Management 837
A. Organization and Work Design 839
32. Leadership, Motivation, and Strategic Human Resource
Management, by Taly Dvir and Yair Berson 841
33. Job and Team Design, by Gina J. Medsker and Michael
A. Campion 868
34. Job Evaluation in Organizations, by John M. Hannon,
Jerry M. Newman, George T. Milkovich, and James T.
Brakefield 899
35. Selection, Training, and Development of Personnel, by
Robert W. Swezey and Richard B. Pearlstein 920
36. Aligning Technological and Organizational Change, by
Ann Majchrzak and Najmedin Meshkati 948
37. Teams and Team Management and Leadership, by
Franc¸ois Sainfort, Alvaro D. Taveira, and Michael J.
Smith 975
38. Performance Management, by Martin P. Finegan and
Douglas K. Smith 995
B. Human Factors and Ergonomics 1011
39. Cognitive Tasks, by Nicolas Marmaras and Tom
Kontogiannis 1013
40. Physical Tasks: Analysis, Design, and Operation, by
Waldemar Karwowski and David Rodrick 1041
41. Ergonomics in Digital Environments, by Ulrich Raschke,
Lisa M. Schutte, and Don B. Chaffin 1111
42. Human Factors Audit, by Colin G. Drury 1131
43. Design for Occupational Health and Safety, by Michael
J. Smith, Pascale Carayon, and Ben-Tzion Karsh 1156
44. Human–Computer Interaction, by Kay M. Stanney,
Michael J. Smith, Pascale Carayon, and Gavriel
Salvendy 1192
IV. Management, Planning, Design, and Control 1237
A. Project Management 1239
45. Project Management Cycle: Process Used to Manage
Project (Steps to Go Through), by Avraham Shtub 1241
46. Computer-Aided Project Management, by Carl N.
Belack 1252
47. Work Breakdown Structure, by Boaz Golany and
Avraham Shtub 1263
B. Product Planning 1281
48. Planning and Integration of Product Development, by
Hans-Jo¨rg Bullinger, Joachim Warschat, Jens Leyh, and
Thomas Cebulla 1283
49. Human-Centered Product Planning and Design, by
William B. Rouse 1296
50. Design for Manufacturing, by C. Richard Liu and
Xiaoping Yang 1311
51. Managing Professional Services Projects, by Barry M.
Mundt and Francis J. Smith 1332
C. Manpower Resource Planning 1351
52. Methods Engineering, by Stephan Konz 1353
53. Time Standards, by Stephan Konz 1391
54. Work Measurement: Principles and Techniques, by Aura
Castillo Matias 1409
D. Systems and Facilities Design 1463
55. Facilities Size, Location, and Layout, by James A.
Tompkins 1465
56. Material-Handling Systems, by Yavuz A. Bozer 1502
57. Storage and Warehousing, by Jerry D. Smith 1527
58. Plant and Facilities Engineering with Waste and Energy
Management, by James R. Ross 1548
59. Maintenance Management and Control, by Ralph W.
‘‘Pete’’ Peters 1585
E. Planning and Control 1625
60. Queuing Models of Manufacturing and Service Systems,
by John A. Buzacott and J. George Shanthikumar 1627
61. Production-Inventory Systems, by David D. Yao 1669
62. Process Design and Reengineering, by John Taylor,
Tarsha Dargan, and Ben Wang 1695
63. Scheduling and Dispatching, by Michael Pinedo and
Sridhar Seshadri 1718
64. Personnel Scheduling, by Richard N. Burns 1741
65. Monitoring and Controlling Operations, by Albert T.
Jones, Yuehwern Yih, and Evan Wallace 1768
F. Quality 1791
66. Total Quality Leadership, by Johnson A.
Edosomwan 1793
67. Quality Tools for Learning and Improvement, by Lloyd
Provost 1808
68. Understanding Variation, by Lloyd Provost 1828
69. Statistical Process Control, by John R. English and Terry
R. Collins 1856
70. Measurement Assurance, by S. Chandrasekar 1877
71. Human Factors and Automation in Test and Inspection,
by Colin G. Drury 1887
72. Reliability and Maintainability, by Kailash C.
Kapur 1921
73. Service Quality, by Laura Raiman DuPont 1956
74. Standardization, Certification, and Stretch Criteria, by
Harrison M. Wadsworth, Jr. 1966
75. Design and Process Platform Characterization
Methodology, by Raja M. Parvez and Donald
Fusaro 1975
G. Supply Chain Management and Logistics 2005
76. Logistics Systems Modeling, by David Simchi-Levi and
Edith Simchi-Levi 2007
77. Demand Forecasting and Planning, by Ananth V.
Iyer 2020
78. Advanced Planning and Scheduling for Manufacturing,
by Kenneth Musselman and Reha Uzsoy 2033
79. Transportation Management and Shipment Planning, by
Jeffrey H. Fischer 2054
80. Restructuring a Warehouse Network: Strategies and
Models, by Hokey Min and Emanuel
Melachrinoudis 2070
81. Warehouse Management, by Gunter P. Sharp 2083
82. Supply Chain Planning and Management, by Douglas M.
Lambert and Edward A. Siecienski 2110
V. Methods for Decision Making 2141
A. Probabilistic Models and Statistics 2143
83. Stochastic Modeling, by Colm A. O’Cinneide 2145
84. Decision-Making Models, by Mark R. Lehto 2172
85. Design of Experiments, by H. Samuel Wang and Chung-
Pu Chang 2224
86. Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing, by Don T.
Phillips and Alberto Garcia-Diaz 2241
87. Regression and Correlation, by Raja M. Parvez and
Donald Fusaro 2264
B. Economic Evaluation 2295
88. Product Cost Analysis and Estimating, by Phillip F.
Ostwald 2297
89. Activity-Based Management in Manufacturing, by Keith
V. Smith 2317
90. Discounted Cash Flow Methods, by Raymond P.
Lutz 2331
91. Economic Risk Analysis, by G. A. Fleischer 2360
92. Inflation and Price Change in Economic Analysis, by
Joseph C. Hartman 2394
C. Computer Simulation 2407
93. Modeling Human Performance in Complex Systems, by
K. Ronald Laughery, Jr., Susan Archer, and Kevin
Corker 2409
94. Simulation Packages, by Abe Nisanci and Robert E.
Schwab 2445
95. Statistical Analysis of Simulation Results, by Barry L.
Nelson 2469
96. Virtual Reality for Industrial Engineering: Applications
for Immersive Virtual Environments, by Hans-Jo¨rg
Bullinger, Ralf Breining, and Martin Braun 2496
D. Optimization 2521
97. Linear Optimization, by A. ‘‘Ravi’’ Ravindran and Roy
Marsten 2523
98. Nonlinear Optimization, by Tom M. Cavalier 2540
99. Network Optimization, by Richard T. Wong 2568
100. Discrete Optimization, by Ronald L. Rardin 2582
101. Multicriteria Optimization, by Po Lung Yu, Chin I.
Chiang, and Gwo Hshiung Tzeng 2602
102. Stochastic Optimization, by Anton J. Kleywegt and
Alexander Shapiro 2625
Author Index 2651
Subject Index 2699

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