Fashion Terms and Styles for Women’s Garments PDF


Fashion Terms and Styles for Women’s Garments

Fashion Terms and Styles for Women's Garments

Introduction 3
Necklines 4
Collars 7
Band collars 7
Band collars of rib knit 8
One-piece high stand collars 9
Two-piece high stand collars 10
Low stand collars 10
Shawl collars 12
Other collar variations 12
Sleeves 13
Sleeve lengths 13
Set-in sleeves from fitted to full 14
Other set-in sleeves 15
Kimono 16
Raglan 16
Cutts 17
Pockets 18
Patch pockets 18
In-seam pockets 19
Slash pockets 19
Front-hip pockets 20
Blouses and Shirts 21
Blouse silhouettes 21
Collarless blouses 22
Blouses and shirts with band collar 23
Blouses and shirts with rolled collar 23
Tops and Sweaters 24
Tops and sweaters without fasteners ….24
Tops and sweaters with fasteners 25
Dresses 26
Dresses without waistline seam 26
Dresses with waistline seam 27
Dresses with or without waistlineseam .27
Pant dresses 28
Jackets and Coats 29
Jackets by length and shape 29
Collarless jackets 30
Jackets with band collars 30
Jackets with high stand collars 31
Jackets with shawl collar 32
Jackets with hood 32
Unfitted outerwear 33
Short coats 33
Fitted coats 33
Semi-fitted coats 34
Loosely fitted coats 34
Skirt and Pant Waist Details 35
Skirts 36
Skirt lengths 36
Skirts from fitted to full 37
Other skirt styles 38
Pleat styles 39
Pants 40
Pant lengths 40
Pants from fitted to full 41
Combination of wide and narrow 41
Other pant styles 42

Fashion Terms and Styles for Women’s Garments
A.W. Koester and N.O. Bryant

To analyze and describe fashion, you need both visual and verbal vocabularies of terms and styles. This publication provides text and illustrations of basic terms and styles. However, fashion terms change like the fashions themselves. Recognizing some of the current terms and the alternatives used in the past will provide an introduction to changing fashion.

It would take a sizeable book to define fashion terms and styles in all types of garments worn over time. This publication is limited to styles of women’s outerwear garments such as dresses, jackets, blouses, sweaters, tops, skirts, and pants. Fashion details that influence the silhouette, such as necklines, collars, sleeves, cuffs, and pockets, are included. Although decorative details are important in making the transitions between seasons and fashion looks, they are too numerous and change too quickly to be included.

In analyzing fashion, we usually begin with the general silhouette and proceed to details. This publication is organized in the opposite manner, beginning with details, because many garments are named for the detail feature. By describing the details first, there is less need to repeat information for application to each type of garment. For example, a V-neckline is a sharp-pointed neckline that is found on blouses, sweaters, jackets, or dresses. If the neckline is the distinguishing feature, the garment may be called a V-neck blouse or dress. Some garments are not illustrated because they are a combination of details. For example, a Victorian blouse has a choker collar, bib neckline, and leg-o’- mutton sleeves.

Within each category, the garments are listed from simple to the complex, from close to the body to full silhouettes, and from short to long. There is an index of terms at the end of the publication. Use the index to find the page where a term is first defined and for locating garments that may have several names.

Sleeve lengths

Drop shoulder
The sleeve is attached to an armhole shaped to extend wider than the natural shoulder.

Extension to the front and back of the garment to cover the top of the arm.

Armscye Short
Sleeve length ending about half the distance between elbow and underarm.

Elbow length
Any style sleeve that ends at the elbow.

Three-quarter length cuffless sleeve to show bracelet.

Long sleeve tapered to the wrist so it can be pushed up to stay in place (also called push-up).


Any long flowing sleeve. May extend longer than the arm.

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