Versatility of Linen Fabrics and Other Perks


There are so many kinds of fabrics to use for clothing. It is important to you to understand what kind of fabrics are suitable for your daily activities. It is also important for you to know what your type of clothes is because it makes you more aware of how to treat your clothes. For example, linen sheets will be suitable for daily use and can be easily washed by machine or by hand because it’s durability. Here’s the kind of fabrics that are usually used in daily life and the perk of each type of fabric.

linen fabrics
Fig: Linen fabrics

Fabric is a material made by the fibers that combine together. Generally, the name of fabric is using  the fiber that was used to manufacture it. Some of them also combine more than one fiber and blend it together. The name of fabrics also according to its pattern and texture and the production process implemented. We also can group the fabric based on their origin which is natural or synthetic and also we can group it into woven and knitted based on the production processes. Beside the purpose of the use, the types grouping types of fabrics can help us to know how to treat the fabrics.

Chiffon can be made from natural or synthetic fiber that has characteristics such as sheer and lightweight. It is plain-woven fabric made from twisted yarn that is made of silk that will give you a slightly rough feel. This material is light, flowy, and easily dyed so it is suitable for many important events such as prom dresses, wedding gowns, or maybe just as accessories like scarves.

This is one of the most popular materials all around the world. It is made from cotton plants extracted from the seeds and becomes fluffy fiber. It can be manufactured in the form of woven or knit. Cotton’s strength and absorbency to the liquid makes this material an ideal fabric to make most of the clothes and homewares, and industrial products like tarpaulins or tents. Cotton fiber can be woven or knitted and can become different fabric types, which blend it to other natural fibers like wool or synthetic fibers like polyester. Hence it is suitable for not only clothing but also for house fabric. It is widely used because it offers us reliable quality at an affordable price. The cotton itself is a light and soft natural fabric so it is comfortable to wear it as daily basics such as for shirts, dresses, underwear. It is easy to clean but  it can stretch out and lose its shape, so it is susceptible to wearing out over time.

Denim originally are from cotton fabric that has been woven to produce a diagonal ribbing that makes the material very stiff and sturdy. It also has a vivid texture and good durability but still comfortable to use as jackets, trousers, or dresses. It also can be dyed to make trendy and unique clothing based on the market request.

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics that humans use for many aspects of their lives. It has lightweight fabric that is originally from natural fiber namely flax plant. It can be used in clothing, curtains, bed sheets, tablecloths and many more because it  breathes well in hot weather. The other thing that is important is, the linen can be used as a temperature regulator, so that we will not catch a cold because of the freezing weather if we use the linen as our cloth or bed sheets.

Linen as clothing can be used for both casual and neat looks that will never go wrong on many occasions. This material also has a smooth texture that can be maintained although it will be washed by machine. The durability of this material is one of the best compared to other materials. Hence, it is suitable for bed sheets, curtains, tablecloth, and linen dress, for the properties that need to be regularly washed. One thing that you should remember is that the linen needs to be regularly ironed because it creases easily.

Silk is one of the materials that has been popular since ancient China.  It’s famous for the incredibly smooth and lustrous texture. It originally comes from the cocoon of the mulberry moth.  Beside the smoothness, It is also very lightweight, flowy and, of course, silky.   It is an elegant fabric that is used in special events like wedding and evening gowns, shirts, suits, skirts, lingerie, ties and scarves. Beside the clothing, silk is also used for draping and lining. Shantung and Kashmir silk are the most popular silk nowadays.

There are so many kinds of fabrics that are used for clothing and house needs. The fabrics can be originated from natural sources like plants or animals, or from synthetic materials and then manufactured and become different kinds of fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, denim, linen, silk, and many more. Every fabric has different uses and has their own superiority, so make sure you know which is for which, how to care for it and make sure it gets treated and washed properly.

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