Writing an Ebook: An Ultimate Guide


Writing an ebook is not as challenging as writing a novel, for example, but it still will require some time and effort. The better techniques you use to deal with this task, the faster and better you will do it. There is no need to pay for some courses that will teach you how to write an ebook — at least there is no need for now. Start with these tips, and only if you don’t see them enough, look for more assistance. Unfortunately, students and specialists often do the reverse — they try to gain as much information and assistance as possible before they even start writing. It is a waste of time and resources. Believe in yourself, use our list of tips and move forward step by step.

writing an ebook

Why would you actually need to write a book? There are a plethora of reasons, but they can all be summarized by three major incentives — money, fame, obligation. You may want to sell your ebook online on services like Amazon, or increase the value of your product saying it is accompanied by a free how-to ebook. You may want to gain extra reputation in your profession by writing and promoting ebooks. Or you may be obliged to write one by your boss or your professor. No matter the reason, the general approach will be similar to what we describe here.

How to Write a Popular Ebook That Brings Leads?
Here, we won’t write too much about each stage, as we believe that there is no need to write another ebook on how to write ebooks. Our goal is to show you the general plan of ebook writing that you can use all the way. Save this article to bookmarks and open whenever you need. Well, no more talking, let’s get straight to business.

Step 1: Choose a compelling topic
The topic you choose should be relevant to your professional qualities and experience. The more you know about this topic the easier it will be for you to write it on your own. You can even draw a mind-map, putting the preliminary topic in the middle and “growing” branches of related topics from it. This way you will come up with something more creative, yet, completely achievable in writing.

Step 2: Define a goal
Your goal is clear — to finish the ebook and use it for marketing or other purposes. There is nothing new in this motivation. At this stage you need to define the goal your reader has when opening your book. What will he or she learn while/after reading it? What will they be able to do better?

Step 3: Visualize your audience and their needs
If you feel like questions about goals are not very easy to answer, you don’t understand your audience clearly. It is normal — just stop for some time and draw a portrait of a perfect reader of your book. Who is it? Where do they work? What do they want to learn? Where do they read? How much time do they have to spend on your book? What do they want to achieve in life? Give room to your fantasy, and once you are done, think of this person every step of the way.

Step 4: Write an outline and a brief description of each chapter
It is a bad idea to write the ebook “in a flow.” Start with an outline, as if you are writing a research paper. This way, once you get stuck in a day or two, you will have a writing plan that will help you continue. When doing research, fill the chapters in outline with brief descriptions — later you will just need to elaborate on them.

Step 6: Fill your book with relevant content
We need to remind you one more time that an ebook is not a novel, you cannot write endless descriptions of nature and fill it with meaningful dialogues. Your reader has a goal, and you need to make your content useful for reaching this goal. Later, when editing your ebook, constantly ask yourself “Is this information crucial?” If not — delete, no matter how interesting the fact is, or how fun your work jokes are.

Step 7: Design your ebook: colors, structure, visuals
There are many online tools and services that will help you design ebooks according to your taste. Canva, Adobe, Illustrator — the list goes on and on. You can also hire someone to help you with design, especially if this ebook is one of your selling tools.

Step 8: Think about promotion
You are done with the technical and creative part — you have written, edited, and designed your ebook. Now, you should think about promoting your book online — create a compelling landing page, use targeting and promote it in your social media and your partners’ social pages.

Ebook Trouble-Shooting
These steps don’t seem too difficult, but you should remember that you may face some extra challenges and troubles at every stage. Someone is a great writer but has problems with structure and design. Someone has a perfect marketing gut, but is not able to write a cohesive story to keep readers interested. Someone is not very professional in promotion. Of course, you should try to deal with the entire process on your own… or should you? Delegating assignments is a crucial part of management — your final goal is to have your ebook written, well-thought-out and promoted. That is why you can always hire a professional essay writing company online, such as Smart Writing Service to help you out at any stage. Qualified writers with academic background and field experience will deal with the parts that are the most problematic for you in ebook writing. If this book is important, and you don’t have much time to deal with it yourself, you can order it as a full project. Place your order, give detailed instructions to expert writers, define the deadline and pay attention to more urgent and compelling tasks you have in your to-do list.

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