Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2023, 62nd Edition PDF by Maxine A Papadakis, Stephen J McPhee, Michael W Rabow and Kenneth R McQuaid


Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2023, Sixty Second Edition

By Maxine A. Papadakis, Stephen J. McPhee, Michael W. Rabow and Kenneth R. McQuaid

Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2023, Sixty Second Edition


Authors v

Preface xiii

Dedication xvii

Year in Review: Key Clinical Updates in CMDT 2023

1.Disease Prevention & Health Promotion 1

Michael Pignone, MD, MPH, & René Salazar, MD

2. Common Symptoms 15

Paul L. Nadler, MD, & Ralph Gonzales, MD, MSPH

3. Preoperative Evaluation & Perioperative Management 42

Hugo Q. Cheng, MD

4. Geriatric Disorders 52

Leah J. Witt, MD, Rossana Lau-Ng, MD, & Michael Harper, MD

5. Palliative Care & Pain Management 69

Michael W. Rabow, MD, Steven Z. Pantilat, MD, Ann Cai Shah, MD,

Lawrence Poree, MD, MPH, PhD, & Raj Mitra, MD

6. Dermatologic Disorders 101

Kanade Shinkai, MD, PhD, & Lindy P. Fox, MD

7. Disorders of the Eyes & Lids 168

Jacque L. Duncan, MD, Neeti B. Parikh, MD, & Gerami D. Seitzman, MD

8. Otolaryngology Disorders 204

Elliott D. Kozin, MD, & Lawrence R. Lustig, MD

9. Pulmonary Disorders 244

Meghan E. Fitzpatrick, MD, Niall T. Prendergast, MD, & Belinda Rivera-Lebron, MD, MS, FCCP

10. Heart Disease 323

Todd Kiefer, MD, Christopher B. Granger, MD, & Kevin P. Jackson, MD

11. Systemic Hypertension 442

Michael Sutters, MD, MRCP (UK)

12. Blood Vessel & Lymphatic Disorders 473

Warren J. Gasper, MD, James C. Iannuzzi, MD, MPH, & Meshell D. Johnson, MD

13. Blood Disorders 500

Lloyd E. Damon, MD, & Charalambos Babis Andreadis, MD, MSCE

14. Disorders of Hemostasis, Thrombosis, & Antithrombotic Therapy 546

Andrew D. Leavitt, MD, & Erika Leemann Price, MD, MPH

15. Gastrointestinal Disorders 579

Kenneth R. McQuaid, MD

16. Liver, Biliary Tract, & Pancreas Disorders 674

Lawrence S. Friedman, MD

17. Breast Disorders 737

Armando E. Giuliano, MD, FACS, FRCSEd, & Sara A. Hurvitz, MD, FACP

18. Gynecologic Disorders 763

Jill Brown, MD, MPH, MHS, FACOG, & Katerina Shvartsman, MD, FACOG

19. Obstetrics & Obstetric Disorders 794

Vanessa L. Rogers, MD, & Scott W. Roberts, MD

20. Rheumatologic, Immunologic, & Allergic Disorders 819

Rebecca L. Manno, MD, MHS, Jinoos Yazdany, MD, MPH,

Teresa K. Tarrant, MD, & Mildred Kwan, MD, PhD

21. Electrolyte & Acid Base Disorders 875

Nayan Arora, MD, & J. Ashley Jefferson, MD, FRCP

22. Kidney Disease 903

Tonja C. Dirkx, MD, & Tyler B. Woodell, MD, MCR

23. Urologic Disorders 943

Mathew Sorensen, MD, MS, FACS, Thomas J. Walsh, MD, MS, & Brian J. Jordan, MD

24. Nervous System Disorders 970

Vanja C. Douglas, MD, & Michael J. Aminoff, MD, DSc, FRCP

25. Psychiatric Disorders 1046

Kristin S. Raj, MD, Nolan R. Williams, MD, & Charles DeBattista, DMH, MD

26. Endocrine Disorders 1099

Paul A. Fitzgerald, MD

27. Diabetes Mellitus & Hypoglycemia 1195

Umesh Masharani, MB, BS, MRCP (UK)

28. Lipid Disorders 1239

Michael J. Blaha, MD, MPH

29. Nutritional Disorders & Obesity 1250

Katherine H. Saunders, MD, & Leon I. Igel, MD, FACP, FTOS

30. Common Problems in Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial Therapy 1270

Monica Fung, MD, MPH, Peter V. Chin-Hong, MD,

Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD, & Katherine Gruenberg, PharmD

31. HIV Infection & AIDS 1311

Monica Gandhi, MD, Matthew A. Spinelli, MD, MAS, & Mitchell H. Katz, MD

32. Viral & Rickettsial Infections 1353

Christine Akamine, MD, Eva Clark, MD, PhD, & Wayne X. Shandera, MD

33. Bacterial & Chlamydial Infections 1440

Bryn A. Boslett, MD, & Rachel Bystritsky, MD

34. Spirochetal Infections 1480

Susan S. Philip, MD, MPH

35. Protozoal & Helminthic Infections 1496

Philip J. Rosenthal, MD

36. Mycotic Infections 1534

Stacey R. Rose, MD, FACP, FIDSA, & Richard J. Hamill, MD

37. Disorders Related to Environmental Emergencies 1548

Jacqueline A. Nemer, MD, FACEP, & Marianne A. Juarez, MD

38. Poisoning 1564

Craig Smollin, MD

39. Cancer 1594

Sunny Wang, MD, Tiffany O. Dea, PharmD, BCOP, Lawrence S. Friedman, MD,

Carling Ursem, MD, Kenneth R. McQuaid, MD, & Marc A. Dall’Era, MD

40. Genetic & Genomic Disorders 1658

Reed E. Pyeritz, MD, PhD

41. Orthopedic Disorders & Sports Medicine 1675

Anthony Luke, MD, MPH, & C. Benjamin Ma, MD

42. Sexual & Gender Minority Health 1709

Patricia A. Robertson, MD, Nicole Rosendale, MD, Kevin L. Ard, MD, MPH,

Kenneth H. Mayer, MD, Mitzi Hawkins, MD, MAS, & Madeline B. Deutsch, MD, MPH

The following chapters are available online without

subscription at

e1. AntiInfective Chemotherapeutic & Antibiotic Agents Online*

Katherine Gruenberg, PharmD, & Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD

e2. Diagnostic Testing & Medical Decision Making Online*

Chuanyi Mark Lu, MD

e3. Information Technology in Patient Care Online*

Russ Cucina, MD, MS

e4. Integrative Medicine Online*

Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH

e5. Podiatric Disorders Online*

Monara Dini, DPM, & Charles B. Parks, DPM

e6. Women’s Health Issues Online*

Brigid M. Dolan, MD, MEd, & Judith Walsh, MD, MPH

e7. Appendix: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Laboratory Reference Intervals, &

Commonly Used Blood Specimen Collection Tubes Online*

Chuanyi Mark Lu, MD

Index 1731

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