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Handbook of Textile Fibres: Natural Fibres
by J. Gordon Cook

Handbook of Textile Fibres- Natural Fibres


INTRODUCTION. Fibres for Clothes

A. Natural Fibres of Vegetable Origin 3
Flax 4
Jute 13
Hemp 17
Sunn 18
Kenaf 20
Urena 21
Ramie 22
Nettle 25
Sisal 27
Henequen 29
Abaca(Manila) 30
Other Leaf Fibres 33
Cotton 35
Miscellaneous Seed and Fruit Fibres 73

B. Natural Fibres of Animal Origin 79
Wool 80
Mohair 132
Camel Hair 135
Cashmere 136
Persian Goat Hair 138
Llama 138
Alpaca 139
Huarizo 140
Vicuna 140
Guanaco 141
Fur Fibres 141
Silk 144

C. Natural Fibres of Mineral Origin 166
Asbestos 166
Directory of Natural Fibres 171
Index 205

The manufacture of textiles is one of the oldest and most important industries of all. Its raw materials are fibres, and the study of textiles therefore begins with an understanding of the fibres from which modern textiles are made.

In this book, an outline is given of the history, production and fundamental properties of important textile fibres in use today. The behavior of each fibre as it affects the nature of its fabrics is discussed.

The book is in two volumes. Volume I deals with the natural fibres on which we depended for our textiles until comparatively recent times. Volume II is concerned with man-made fibres, including rayons and other natural polymer fibres, and the true synthetic fibres which have made such rapid progress in modern times.

The book has been written for all concerned with the textile trade who require a background of information on fibres to help them in their work. Every effort has been made to ensure that the text is accurate and up-to-date. The information on man-made fibres is based on facts supplied by the manufacturers of the fibres themselves.

In writing this book I have been given much encouragement and Help by many individuals and organizations. The manufacturers of The man-made fibres mentioned in the text have gone to great trouble on my behalf in providing information and in checking the text before publication. I would like to acknowledge their help, with grateful thanks.

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