Comprehensive Biotechnology (Volume 1-6) 3rd Edition PDF by Murray Moo-Young


Comprehensive Biotechnology (Volume 1-6) Third Edition

By Murray Moo-Young

Comprehensive Biotechnology


Editor in Chief v

Volume Editors vii

Section Editors xi

Contributors to Volume 1 xiii

Foreword xxi

Preface xxiii

1.00 Introduction 1

Michael Butler

1.01 Amino Acid Metabolism 3

Philip Newsholme, Laura Stenson, Manuela Sulvucci, Rodolfo Sumayao, and Mauricio Krause

1.02 Enzyme Biocatalysis 15

Daryoush Abedi, Lin Zhang, Michael Pyne, and C Perry Chou

1.03 Immobilized Biocatalysts 25

Andres Illanes

1.04 Lipids, Fatty Acids 39

James Wynn

1.05 Structure and Biosynthesis of Glycoprotein Carbohydrates 51

M Crispin, CN Scanlan, and TA Bowden

1.06 Nucleotide Metabolism 69

J Martinussen, M Willemoës, and M Kilstrup

1.07 Organic Acids 85

Maria Papagianni

1.08 Peptides and Glycopeptides 98

NW Owens and F Schweizer

1.09 Protein Structural Analysis 116

BL Mark, SA McKenna, and M Khajehpour

1.10 Secondary Metabolites 131

Sergio Sanchez and Arnold L Demain

1.11 Cell Line Isolation and Design 144

Trent P Munro, Warren Pilbrough, Benjamin S Hughes, and Peter P Gray

1.12 Cell Preservation Technology 154

John G Baust, William L Corwin, and John M Baust

1.13 Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility 166

Michelle Peckham

1.14 Design of Culture Media 181

SF Gorfien, A Campbell, and MC Vemuri

1.15 Protein Folding in the Endoplasmic Reticulum 192

N Naidoo

1.16 Extremophiles 203

R Berlemont and C Gerday

1.17 Metabolic Design and Control for Production in Prokaryotes 217

SR Chhabra and JD Keasling

1.18 Microbial Growth Dynamics 231

NS Panikov

1.19 Modes of Culture/Animal Cells 274

Xudong Zhang, Yuan Wen, and Shang-Tian Yang

1.20 Modes of Microbial Culture 292

IK Blaby, V de Crécy-Lagard, and TJ Lyons

1.21 Photosynthesis and Photoautotrophy 305

NPA Hüner and B Grodzinski

1.22 Protein Expression in Insect Cells 313

RB Hitchman, RD Possee, and LA King

1.23 Stem Cells 331

SKW Oh and ABH Choo

1.24 Structural Organization of CellsdThe Cytoskeleton 355

E Frixione and M Hernández

1.25 Viruses Produced From Cells 372

KM Coombs

1.26 Cell Transfection 383

Aline Do Minh, David Sharon, Parminder Chahal, and Amine A Kamen

1.27 mRNA Translation and Recombinant Gene Expression From Mammalian Cell Expression

Systems 391

EJ Mead and CM Smales

1.28 Posttranslation Modifications Other Than Glycosylation 398

N Jenkins

1.29 Engineering Protein Folding and Secretion in Eukaryotic Cell Factories 405

J McLeod and DC James

1.30 Glycomics 413

EFJ Cosgrave, JJ Kattla, MP Campbell, WB Struwe, MR Wormald, and PM Rudd

1.31 Metabolomics – The Combination of Analytical Biochemistry, Biology, and Informatics 435

U Roessner, A Nahid, B Chapman, A Hunter, and M Bellgard

1.32 Theory and Applications of Proteomics 448

BJ McConkey

1.33 Systems Metabolic Engineering for the Production of Noninnate Chemical Compounds 456

D Na, MY Kim, JY Park, and SY Lee

1.34 Apoptosis: The Signaling Pathways and Their Control 468

TM Sauerwald, A Lewis, H Dorai, and MJ Betenbaugh

1.35 Design Principles of Self-Assembling Peptides and Their Potential Applications 480

P Sadatmousavi, M Soltani, R Nazarian, T Mamo, S Lu, W Xu, J Wang, P Chen, and M Jafari

1.36 Rational Design of Strategies Based on Metabolic Control Analysis 495

E Saavedra, S Rodríguez-Enríquez, H Quezada, R Jasso-Chávez, and R Moreno-Sánchez

1.37 Unfolded Protein Response 508

M Taniguchi and H Yoshida

1.38 Cell Migration 521

D Wu and F Lin

1.39 Biofilms 529

T de Kievit

1.40 Flow Cytometry 541

B-F Alfonso and M Al-Rubeai

1.41 Biological Imaging by Superresolution Light Microscopy 561

D Lutz

1.42 Biosensors 572

Karen M Polizzi

1.43 Dielectric Properties of Cells 585

Elham Salimi and Greg Bridges

1.44 Cell Isolation From Tissue 599

MR Mirbolooki, H Bozorgmanesh, C Foster, III, W Kuhtrieber, and JRT Lakey

1.45 Nanobiotechnology 607

KK Jain

1.46 Effects of Shear Stress on Cells 624

KE McCloskey

1.47 Viruses and Virus-Like Particles in Biotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications 633

A Roldão, AC Silva, MCM Mellado, PM Alves, and MJT Carrondo

1.48 Mathematical Models in Biotechnology 657

RA Tasseff and JD Varner

1.49 Immunoassays in Biotechnology 668

JM Van Emon

1.50 Mass Spectrometry 679

H Perreault and E Lattová

1.51 Bioprocessing Techniques 688

Doug Cossar

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