The Type Project Book PDF by Nigel French & Hugh D’andrade


The Type Project Book

By Nigel French & Hugh D’andrade

The Type Project Book PDF by Nigel French & Hugh D’andrade


Introduction viii

Pastiche 1


Embrace decorative excess 2

Art Nouveau

Tangled up in vines 6


In favor of irrationality 10


Reds, blacks, and bold diagonals 14


Simple shapes and primary colors 18

Art Deco

Elegant geometry 22

Wartime Poster

Dig deep for victory 26


Saucy and sensationalist 30


Functional, neutral, and asymmetric 34

Country Music Poster

Create a Hatch Show Print– inspired poster 38


Get groovy with a ’60s rock poster 42


There is no future in England’s

dreaming 46


Here we are now, entertain us 50

Short Text 54

Magazine Cover

Where flyaway hair and

masthead meet 56

Classic Fiction

Type that’s in your face 60

Vintage Album Cover

Subdued colors and

wandering baselines 64

Compact Disc Package

Capture a moment with a “mix tape” 66


Type in a supporting role 70

Theater Poster

Working with diagonals 74

City Poster

Vintage repetition and randomness 78

Travel Guide

Keeping it simple 82

Movie Poster

And the award goes to… 86

Music Festival Poster

Curate your dream lineup 90

More Classic Fiction

A chat about illustrating a classic 94


Worth a (few) thousand words 98

Letterpress Gig Poster

Grooving with moveable type

in the 21st century 102

Beer Label

Craft your favorite brew 106

Wine Label

Design a premium wine label 110

Business Card

Make a good first impression 114

Longer Text 118

Gift or Product Guide

Between structure and chaos 120

Fiction Classic

Wrangle hundreds of pages like a pro 124


Be flexible and sweat the small stuff 130


Step-by-step recipe instructions 134

Magazine Layout

Create a six-page magazine

feature article 138


Design a menu for your favorite

restaurant 142

Trifold Brochure

Design a simple brochure 146

Visual TOC

Design a table of contents spread 150

Form Design

No hanging chads 154


Portraits 158

Neighborhood Alphabet

We’re going on a type hunt! 160

Beside the Sea

Evoke a place or genre with type 164

Environmental Alphabet

Find letters in everything 168

Ghost Type

Fading signs from times gone by 172


Combine type, texture, and vintage

clip art 174

Type Map

Create a map exclusively from type 178

Celebrity Type Portrait

“Shading” with words 182

Hand-Lettered Type Portrait

The best of times, and the worst of times 186

Split-Face Type Portrait

Half man–half letters 190


Get cryptic with an Old Master 192


Create a themed word search 194

An A–Z Collection

Explore the personality of type 196

Type as Image 198

Typographical Logo

A new logo for a venerable institution 200

Illustrate a Lyric with Type

Give a typographic voice to a

favorite song lyric or quote 204

Typeface Design

A chat with the creator of Barlow 208

Shaped Text

Give visual form to the words 212

Animated Web Banner

Make it move 216

Type Patterns and Transformations

What letters do when they’re off duty 220

Build a Chiseled Drop Cap

Go large with your initial letter 224

Add Flourishes to Your Type

Let your letters sprout swirls and spirals 226


Turn symbols into a working picture font 228

Hand Lettering

Create a hand-lettered quote 230

Large Letter Postcard

Bold letters worthy of a great city 234

Color Fonts

Explore the possibilities of chromatic type 238


Wearable type 240

Interpret a Word or Phrase

Use a twist to enhance the meaning 244

Silk screened Gig Poster

Indie rock in limited color 248

Interpret a List or Series Rain later. Good. 252

Index of Typefaces 257

Index 259

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