Business Law Today: Text & Summarized Cases, 11th Edition PDF by Roger LeRoy Miller


Business Law Today: Text & Summarized Cases, 11th Edition (Standard Edition)

By Roger LeRoy Miller

Business law today_ text and summarized cases


Unit 1 The Legal Environment of Business 1

Chapter 1

The Legal Environment 2

Business Activities and the Legal Environment 3

Sources of American Law 5

Common Law Tradition 9

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Can New Laws Prevent People from Wearing Google Glass? 12

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: Equitable Principles and Maxims 14

Classifications of Law 15

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: National Law Systems 16

◾◾ Linking Business Law to Corporate Management:

Dealing with Administrative Law 18

Appendix to Chapter 1 22

Chapter 2

Constitutional Law 31

The Constitutional Powers of Government 32

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) 33

Classic Case 2.1: Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States 34

Business and the Bill of Rights 37

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: The Impact of Foreign Law

on the United States Supreme Court 39

Spotlight on Beer Labels: Case 2.2: Bad Frog Brewery, Inc. v.

New York State Liquor Authority 41

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Should Threats Made on Facebook Be

Considered Free Speech? 43

Case 2.3: Holt v. Hobbs 45

Due Process and Equal Protection 45

Privacy Rights 48

◾◾Managerial Strategy: Marriage Equality

and the Constitution 49

◾◾ Business Application: Is “Pretexting” Illegal? 51

Chapter 3

Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution 55

The Judiciary’s Role in American Government 56

Basic Judicial Requirements 56

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: Marbury v. Madison (1803) 57

Spotlight on Gucc i: Case 3.1: Gucci America, Inc. v. Wang Huoqing 62

The State and Federal Court Systems 64

◾◾Managerial Strategy: Budget Cuts for State Courts

Can Affect Businesses 65

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Islamic Law Courts Abroad and at Home 66

Following a State Court Case 69

Case 3.2: Brothers v. Winstead 72

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Jurors’ Use of Wireless Devices and the Internet 76

Courts Online 78

Alternative Dispute Resolution 78

Case 3.3: Cruise v. Kroger Co. 82

Chapter 4

Tort Law 89

The Basis of Tort Law 89

Intentional Torts against Persons 92

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: “Libel Tourism” 95

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Revenge Porn and Invasion of Privacy 98

Case 4.1: Revell v. Guido 100

Intentional Torts against Property 102

Case 4.2: Welco Electronics, Inc. v. Mora 104

Unintentional Torts (Negligence) 105

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: Palsgraf v. Long Island

Railroad Co. (1928) 108

Spotlight on the Seattle Mariners: Case 4.3: Taylor v. Baseball

Club of Seattle, L.P. 109

Strict Liability 112

◾◾ Business Application: How Important Is Tort Liability

to Business? 113

Chapter 5

Product Liability 118

Product Liability 118

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: MacPherson v. Buick Motor Co. (1916) 120

Strict Product Liability 120

Spotlight on Injuries from Vacc inations: Case 5.1:

Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, LLC 121

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Imposing Product Liability

as Far Away as China 122

Case 5.2: Riley v. Ford Motor Co. 125

◾◾Managerial Strategy: When Is a Warning Legally Bulletproof? 127

Defenses to Product Liability 129

Case 5.3: Verost v. Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America, Inc. 129

◾◾ Linking Business Law to Corporate Management:

Quality Control 133

Chapter 6

Intellectual Property Rights 138

Trademarks 139

CLASSI C CASE 6.1: Coca-Cola Co. v. Koke Co. of America 139

Patents 145

Case 6.2: In re Imes 146

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

The Problem of Patent Trolls 148

Copyrights 149

Case 6.3: Inhale, Inc. v. Starbuzz Tobacco, Inc. 150

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: The Resale of Textbooks

Purchased Abroad 153

Trade Secrets 154

International Protections 156

◾◾ Linking Business Law to Marketing:

Trademarks and Service Marks 158

Chapter 7

Internet Law, Social Media, and Privacy 162

Internet Law 162

Spotlight on Internet Porn: Case 7.1: Hasbro, Inc. v. Internet

Entertainment Group, Ltd. 166

Copyrights in Digital Information 167

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act 168

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: E-Mail

Hacking at Sony Pictures—Can You Put the Cat Back

into the Bag? 169

Social Media 171

Online Defamation 175

Case 7.2: Yelp, Inc. v. Hadeed Carpet Cleaning, Inc. 175

Privacy 177

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: “The Right to Be Forgotten”

in the European Union 177

Case 7.3: Nucci v. Target Corp. 178

Chapter 8

Criminal Law and Cyber Crime 184

Civil Law and Criminal Law 184

Criminal Liability 187

◾◾Managerial Strategy: The Criminalization

of American Business 189

Types of Crimes 190

Case 8.1: State of Minnesota v. Smith 191

Spotlight on White-Collar Crime: Case 8.2: People v. Sisuphan 194

Defenses to Criminal Liability 197

Constitutional Safeguards and Criminal Procedures 199

Case 8.3: State of Oklahoma v. Marcum 200

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: Miranda v. Arizona (1966) 203

Cyber Crime 206

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Hackers Hide in Plain Sight in Russia 208

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Malware Is Changing the Criminal Landscape 209

◾◾ Business Application: Protecting Your Company

against Hacking of Its Bank Accounts 211

Chapter 9

Business Ethics 216

Business Ethics 216

Case 9.1: Scott v. Carpanzano 219

Case 9.2: May v. Chrysler Group, LLC 220

Business Ethics and Social Media 221

Approaches to Ethical Reasoning 222

Making Ethical Business Decisions 227

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Should Employees Have a “Right of Disconnecting”? 228

Case 9.3: Al-Dabagh v. Case Western Reserve University 229

Global Business Ethics 230

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Bribery and the Foreign

Corrupt Practices Act 232

◾◾ Linking Business Law to Accounting and Finance:

Managing a Company’s Reputation 233

Appendix to Chapter 9 238

Unit One—Business Case Study with Dissenting Opinion:

Central Radio Co. v. City of Norfolk, Virginia 239

Unit 2 Contracts and E-Contracts 243

Chapter 10

Nature and Classification 244

An Overview of Contract Law 244

Case 10.1: Pan Handle Realty, LLC v. Olins 246

Elements of a Contract 246

Types of Contracts 247

Case 10.2: Vukanovich v. Kine 250

Quasi Contracts 252

Interpretation of Contracts 253

Spotlight on Columbia Pictures: Case 10.3:

Wagner v. Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. 255

Chapter 11

Agreement 261

Agreement 261

Classic Case 11.1: Lucy v. Zehmer 262

Spotlight on Case 11.2: Basis Technology

Corp. v., Inc. 265

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Can Your E-Mails or Instant Messages Create

a Valid Contract? 268

Case 11.3: Brown v. Lagrange Development Corp. 269

E-Contracts 271

◾◾Managerial Strategy: E-Mailed Credit Card Receipts 276

The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act 276

◾◾ Linking Business Law to Marketing:

Customer Relationship Management 280

Chapter 12

Consideration, Capacity, and Legality 285

Consideration 285

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: Hamer v. Sidway (1891) 287

Spotlight on Nike: Case 12.1: Already, LLC v. Nike, Inc. 290

Promissory Estoppel 291

Contractual Capacity 292

Case 12.2: PAK Foods Houston, LLC v. Garcia 293

Legality 295

Case 12.3: Holmes v. Multimedia KSDK, Inc. 301

◾◾Managerial Strategy: Creating Liability Waivers

That Are Not Unconscionable 302

The Effect of Illegality 302

Chapter 13

Defenses to Contract Enforceability 309

Voluntary Consent 309

Case 13.1: Cronkelton v. Guaranteed Construction Services, LLC 314

Case 13.2: Fazio v. Cypress/GR Houston I, LP 315

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: “Catfishing”:

Is That Online “Friend” for Real? 317

The Writing Requirement 318

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: The Statute of Frauds and

International Sales Contracts 321

Sufficiency of the Writing or Electronic Record 323

The Parol Evidence Rule 324

Case 13.3: Frewil, LLC v. Price 326

Chapter 14

Third Party Rights and Discharge 331

Assignments 331

Case 14.1: Bass-Fineberg Leasing, Inc. v. Modern Auto Sales, Inc. 334

Delegations 336

Third Party Beneficiaries 338

Contract Discharge 341

Case 14.2: Kohel v. Bergen Auto Enterprises, LLC 344

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: When

Do Changes in Social Media Terms of Service Constitute

a Breach of Contract? 345

Case 14.3: Kolodin v. Valenti 349

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Impossibility or Impracticability

of Performance in Germany 351

◾◾ Business Application: Dealing with Third Party Rights 352

Unit 3 Commercial Transactions 397

Chapter 17

The Formation of Sales

and Lease Contracts 398

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: The Uniform Commercial Code 399

The Scope of Articles 2 and 2A 399

Chapter 15

Breach and Remedies 356

Damages 356

Case 15.1: Hallmark Cards, Inc. v. Murley 357

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: Hadley v. Baxendale (1854) 361

Spotlight on Liquidated Damages: Case 15.2:

Kent State University v. Ford 362

Equitable Remedies 363

Case 15.3: Clara Wonjung Lee, DDS, Ltd. v. Robles 364

Recovery Based on Quasi Contract 366

Contract Provisions Limiting Remedies 367

◾◾ Business Application: What Do You Do

When You Cannot Perform? 369

Chapter 16

International Law in a Global Economy 374

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Border Searches

of Your Electronic Devices 375

International Law 375

Case 16.1: Linde v. Arab Bank, PLC 377

Doing Business Internationally 379

Regulation of Specific Business Activities 381

International Contracts 383

Case 16.2: Carlyle Investment Management LLC v.

Moonmouth Company SA 384

Payment Methods 386

U.S. Laws in a Global Context 388

Spotlight on International Torts: Case 16.3:

Daimler AG v. Bauman 389

Unit Tw o—Business Case Study with Dissenting Opinion:

Braddock v. Braddock 394

Case 17.1: Nautilus Insurance Co. v. Cheran Investments LLC 400

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Taxing Web Purchases 402

The Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts 404

Case 17.2: C. Mahendra (N.Y.), LLC v. National Gold &

Diamond Center, Inc. 408

CLASSI C CASE 17.3: Jones v. Star Credit Corp. 414

Title and Risk of Loss 415

◾◾Managerial Strategy: Commercial Use of Drones 417

Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 422

◾◾ Business Application: Who Bears the Risk of Loss—

the Seller or the Buyer? 424

Appendix to Chapter 17 429

Chapter 18

Performance and Breach of

Sales and Lease Contracts 433

Performance Obligations 434

Case 18.1: Garziano v. Louisiana Log Home Co. 435

Anticipatory Repudiation 441

Remedies for Breach 441

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: The CISG’s Approach to

Revocation of Acceptance 447

Spotlight on Baseball Cards: Case 18.2: Fitl v. Strek 448

Warranties 449

CLASSI C CASE 18.3: Webster v. Blue Ship Tea Room, Inc. 452

Chapter 19

Negotiable Instruments 460

Types of Negotiable Instruments 460

Requirements for Negotiability 464

Case 19.1: Alpacas of America, LLC v. Groome 466

Case 19.2: Charles R. Tips Family Trust v. PB Commercial LLC 470

Transfer of Instruments 470

Case 19.3: In re Bass 472

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Severe Restrictions

on Check Indorsements in France 473

Holder in Due Course (HDC) 475

Signature and Warranty Liability 478

Defenses, Limitations, and Discharge 483

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: Federal Trade Commission Rule 433 485

Chapter 20

Banking in the Digital Age 491

Checks 491

The Bank-Customer Relationship 494

Case 20.1: Royal Arcanum Hospital Association of Kings

County, Inc. v. Herrnkind 494

The Bank’s Duty to Honor Checks 495

Case 20.2: Michigan Basic Property Insurance

Association v. Washington 500

The Bank’s Duty to Accept Deposits 501

Case 20.3: Shahin v. Delaware Federal Credit Union 502

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: Check Clearing in the 21st

Century Act (Check 21) 503

Electronic Fund Transfers 506

Online Banking and E-Money 507

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Pay with Your Smartphone 508

◾◾ Linking Business Law to Accounting and Finance:

Banking Risks 509

Chapter 21

Security Interests

and Creditors’ Rights 514

Terminology of Secured Transactions 514

Creating and Perfecting a Security Interest 515

Case 21.1: Royal Jewelers Inc. v. Light 516

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Secured Transactions Online 517

Scope of a Security Interest 522

Priorities, Rights, and Duties 524

Default 527

Case 21.2: Smith v. Firstbank Corp. 529

Other Laws Assisting Creditors 530

Case 21.3: HSBC Realty Credit Corp. (USA) v. O’Neill 534

Chapter 22

Bankruptcy 541

Mortgages 541

Spotlight on Foreclosures: Case 22.1: McLean v. JPMorgan

Chase Bank, N.A. 544

Laws Assisting Debtors 545

The Bankruptcy Code 546

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention

and Consumer Protection Act 547

Chapter 7—Liquidation 547

Case 22.2: In re Cummings 558

Chapter 11—Reorganization 559

Bankruptcy Relief under Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 561

Case 22.3: In re Welsh 563

◾◾ Linking Business Law to Corporate Management:

What Can You Do to Prepare for a Chapter 11 Reorganization? 566

Unit Three—Business Case Study with Dissenting Opinion:

First Bank v. Fischer & Frichtel, Inc. 570

Unit 4 Agency and Employment Law 573

Chapter 23

Agency Relationships in Business 574

Agency Relationships 575

Case 23.1: Asphalt & Concrete Services, Inc. v. Perry 577

Formation of an Agency 579

Duties of Agents and Principals 581

Agent’s Authority 583

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

What Happens When an Agent Breaches Company

Policy on the Use of Electronic Data? 585

Spotlight on Apparent Authority of Managers: Case 23.2:

Lundberg v. Church Farm, Inc. 586

Liability in Agency Relationships 587

Case 23.3: Stonhard, Inc. v. Blue Ridge Farms, LLC 588

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: The Doctrine of Respondeat Superior 591

Termination of an Agency 592

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Islamic Law and Respondeat Superior 593

◾◾ Business Application: How Can an Employer Use

Independent Contractors? 596

Chapter 24

Employment, Immigration, and Labor Law 601

Employment at Will 601

Wages, Hours, Layoffs, and Leave 603

Case 24.1: Bailey v. TitleMax of Georgia, Inc. 605

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Brazil Requires Employers to Pay

Overtime for Use of Smartphones after Work Hours 606

Case 24.2: Ballard v. Chicago Park District 607

Health, Safety, and Income Security 608

Employee Privacy Rights 612

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Social Media in the Workplace Come of Age 613

Immigration Law 615

Labor Unions 617

Case 24.3: Services Employees International Union v. National

Union of Healthcare Workers 619

◾◾Managerial Strategy: Union Organizing Using

Your Company’s E-Mail System 621

◾◾ Business Application: How to Develop a Policy on Employee

Use of the Internet and Social Media 624

Chapter 25

Employment Discrimination 629

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 629

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Hiring Discrimination Based on Social Media Posts 633

Case 25.1: Young v. United Parcel Service, Inc. 635

Case 25.2: Roberts v. Mike’s Trucking, Ltd. 637

Case 25.3: Morales-Cruz v. University of Puerto Rico 639

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Sexual Harassment in Other Nations 640

Discrimination Based on Age 641

Discrimination Based on Disability 642

Defenses to Employment Discrimination 646

Affirmative Action 647

◾◾ Linking Business Law to Corporate Management:

Human Resource Management 649

Unit Four—Business Case Study with Dissenting Opinion:

EEOC v. Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Inc. 653

Unit 5 Business Organizations 657

Chapter 26

Sole Proprietorships and Franchises 658

Sole Proprietorships 659

◾◾Managerial Strategy: Cyber Thieves Empty

Small-Business Owners’ Bank Accounts 659

Case 26.1: Quality Car & Truck Leasing, Inc. v. Sark 661

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

A Sole Proprietorship, Facebook Poker, and Bankruptcy 662

Franchises 662

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Franchising in Foreign Nations 663

The Franchise Contract 665

Franchise Termination 667

Case 26.2: Century 21 Real Estate LLC v. All Professional Realty, Inc. 668

Spotlight on Holiday Inns: Case 26.3: Holiday Inn Franchising,

Inc. v. Hotel Associates, Inc. 669

◾◾ Business Application: What Problems Can

a Franchisee Anticipate? 671

Chapter 27

All Forms of Partnership 675

Basic Partnership Concepts 675

Formation and Operation 678

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Doing Business with Foreign Partners 679

Classic Case 27.1: Meinhard v. Salmon 681

Dissociation and Termination 684

Case 27.2: Estate of Webster v. Thomas 686

Limited Liability Partnerships 688

Limited Partnerships 689

Case 27.3: DeWine v. Valley View Enterprises, Inc. 690

Chapter 28

Limited Liability Companies

and Special Business Forms 697

Limited Liability Companies 697

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: Limited Liability

Company (LLC) Statutes 698

Case 28.1: Hodge v. Strong Built International, LLC 700

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Limited Liability

Companies in Other Nations 701

LLC Operation and Management 702

Case 28.2: Mekonen v. Zewdu 702

Dissociation and Dissolution of an LLC 704

◾◾Managerial Strategy: Can a Person Who Is Not a Member

of a Protected Class Sue for Discrimination? 705

Case 28.3: Venture Sales, LLC v. Perkins 706

Special Business Forms 707

◾◾ Business Application: How Do You Choose

between an LLC and an LLP? 711

Chapter 29

Corporations 715

Nature and Classification 715

Case 29.1: Drake Manufacturing Co. v. Polyflow, Inc. 717

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Imposing

a 1930s Regulatory Law on Broadband Operators 719

Formation and Financing 721

Corporate Powers 726

Case 29.2: Dog House Investments, LLC v. Teal Properties, Inc. 728

Directors and Officers 729

Classic Case 29.3: Guth v. Loft, Inc. 733

Unit 6 Government Regulation 777

Chapter 31

Antitrust Law and Promoting Competition 778

The Sherman Antitrust Act 779

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: The Sherman Antitrust Act 779

Section 1 of the Sherman Act 781

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

The Justice Department Goes After E-Book Pricing 783

Section 2 of the Sherman Act 785

Case 31.1: McWane, Inc. v. Federal Trade Commission 787

Spotlight on Weyerhaeuser: Case 31.2: Weyerhaeuser Co. v.

Ross-Simmons Hardwood Lumber Co. 789

The Clayton Act 790

Case 31.3: Batson v. Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. 792

Enforcement and Exemptions 793

Shareholders 734

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Derivative Actions in Other Nations 739

Major Business Forms Compared 740

Chapter 30

Investor Protection, Insider Trading,

and Corporate Governance 747

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: The Securities

and Exchange Commission 748

Securities Act of 1933 748

Case 30.1: Omnicare, Inc. v. Laborers District Council

Construction Industry Pension Fund 755

Securities Exchange Act of 1934 756

Classic Case 30.2: Securities and Exchange Commission v.

Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. 758

Case 30.3: United States v. Newton 762

State Securities Laws 763

Corporate Governance 764

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Corporate Governance in Other Nations 765

Unit Five—Business Case Study with Dissenting Opinion:

Notz v. Everett Smith Group, Ltd. 773

U.S. Antitrust Laws in the Global Context 794

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: The EU’s Lengthy

Antitrust Proceedings 796

◾◾ Business Application: How Can You Avoid

Antitrust Problems? 797

Chapter 32

Consumer and Environmental Law 802

Advertising, Marketing, and Sales 802

Case 32.1: POM Wonderful, LLC v. Federal Trade Commission 804

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

The FTC’s Guideline Regulating Astroturfing 806

Case 32.2: Lexmark International, Inc. v. Static Control

Components, Inc. 807

Labeling and Packaging 808

Protection of Health and Safety 810

◾◾ Beyond Our Borders: Europe Bans Foods That Americans Eat 810

Credit Protection 812

Protecting the Environment 816

Air and Water Pollution 818

Case 32.3: United States v. O’Malley 820

Toxic Chemicals and Hazardous Waste 822

◾◾ Business Application: The Proper Approach to

Using Credit Reporting Services 825

Chapter 33

Liability of Accountants

and Other Professionals 830

Potential Liability to Clients 831

◾◾ Landmark in the Law: The SEC Adopts Global

Accounting Rules 832

Case 33.1: In re B.L.H. 835

Potential Liability to Third Parties 836

Case 33.2: Perez v. Stern 839

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act 839

Potential Liability of Accountants under Securities Laws 841

Spotlight on an Acc ountant’s Duty to Correct

Mistakes: Case 33.3: Overton v. Todman & Co., CPAs 844

Potential Criminal Liability 845

Confidentiality and Privilege 846

Unit Six—Business Case Study with Dissenting Opinion:

Yates v. United States 852

Unit 7 Property and Its Protection 855

Chapter 34

Personal Property and Bailments 856

Personal Property versus Real Property 856

Case 34.1: Corbello v. DeVito 857

Acquiring Ownership of Personal Property 858

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

The Exploding World of Digital Property 859

Classic Case 34.2: In re Estate of Piper 861

Mislaid, Lost, and Abandoned Property 863

Bailments 865

Case 34.3: Bridge Tower Dental, P.A. v. Meridian

Computer Center, Inc. 869

◾◾ Business Application: What Should You Do

with Lost Property? 873

Chapter 35

Real Property and Landlord-Tenant Law 877

The Nature of Real Property 877

Ownership Interests and Leases 879

Case 35.1: Main Omni Realty Corp. v. Matus 881

Case 35.2: Baker v. Walnut Bowls, Inc. 885

Transfer of Ownership 886

Spotlight on Sales of Haunted Houses: Case 35.3:

Stambovsky v. Ackley 887

Landlord-Tenant Relationships 891

Chapter 36

Insurance, Wills, and Trusts 899

Insurance 899

Case 36.1: Breeden v. Buchanan 902

Case 36.2: Valero v. Florida Insurance Guaranty Association, Inc. 905

Wills 907

Case 36.3: In re Estate of Melton 910

◾◾ Adapting the Law to the Online Environment:

Social Media Estate Planning 913

Trusts 915

◾◾ Business Application: How Can You Manage Risk

in Cyberspace? 920

Unit Seven—Business Case Study with Dissenting Opinion:

Kovarik v. Kovarik 926


A How to Brief Cases and Analyze Case Problems A-1

B The Constitution of the United States A-3

C The Uniform Commercial Code (Excerpts) A-11

D Answers to Issue Spotters A-130

E Answers to Even-Numbered Learning

Objectives Check Questions A-136

F Sample Answers for Business Case Problems

with Sample Answer A-144

G Case Excerpts for Case Analysis Questions A-152

Glossary G-1

Table of Cases TC-1

Index I-1

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