Textile Engineering: An Introduction, 2nd Edition PDF by Yasir Nawab and Khubab Shaker


Textile Engineering: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

By Yasir Nawab and Khubab Shaker

Textile Engineering An Introduction, 2nd Edition


Munir Ashraf

1 Introduction 1

Madeha Jabbar, Khubab Shaker

2 Textile Raw Materials 13

Zulfiqar Ali

3 Yarn Manufacturing 35

Khubab Shaker, Muhammad Imran Khan

4 Woven Fabrics 59

Muhammad Umair

5 Nonwovens 73

Waqas Ashraf, Habib Awais, Adeel Abbas

6 Knitted and Braided Fabrics 85

Tanveer Hussain

7 Textile Processing 105

Abher Rasheed

8 Clothing 137

Madeha Jabbar, Yasir Nawab

9 Recent Developments in Technical Textiles 159

Sheraz Ahmad, Faheem Ahmad

10 Textile Testing 179

Sajjad Ahmad Baig

11 Quality Control and Quality Assurance 201

Muhammad Zohaib Fazal, Syed Talha Ali Hamdani

12 Computer Applications in Textiles 217

Muzzamal Hussain, Syed Hamza Gillani, Shahood Uz Zaman

13 Life Cycle Analysis of Textiles 229

Anum Nosheen, Munir Ashraf, Saba Akram

14 Environmental Issues and Sustainability in Textile Industry 253

Khubab Shaker, Yasir Nawab

15 Research Trends and Challenges in Textiles 269

Index 279

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